Hoodwinked Myth #8: Everything Depends On Me – Book Review

I have been contributing for The Better Mom for three years now. I began sharing my experiences of motherhood since my son was growing inside my belly. The Better Mom is a great resource for moms of all ages and an encouragement for women world-wide.

The founder of The Better Mom, Ruth Schwenk, teamed up with Karen Ehman to write an awesome book for moms:

Hoodwinked: Ten Myths Moms Believe & Why We All Need To Knock It Off

The book shares 10 myths that moms believe. I have believed these and you probably have too. We get caught up in parenting, the rushing around of caring for our babies, and then bam! we convince ourselves of things that just are not true.

I want to take a moment and look closer at Myth #8: Everything Depends On Me. Chapter 8 opens with this phrase:

faith-looks-upWorry looks around. Guilt looks down. Fear looks back. Faith looks up. – Unknown

I have been here before. I have believed that everything depends on me and my ability to perform. I make myself a to-do list ranging from laundry to a chat involving spiritual guidance with my son. Everything gets put on the list and I take it upon myself to do it all. And when I fail, shame wreaks havoc on my heart.

In order to alleviate the pressure of everything being dependent on me and my ability, I need to be able to trust God. I need to let Him lead me through all my daily tasks and interactions with my family. If I can’t rely on God, my life will crumble. When I don’t trust God, worry fills my mind, fear fills my heart.

The antidote is faith.

In Chapter 8 of Hoodwinked, Ruth & Karen describe Hagar, a woman from the Bible, and her relationship with God. In the midst of fear and tears, God guides Hagar. He is there for her. He provides for her and her son. This reminder is inspiring and refreshing. As mothers we need to have faith in God and be willing to let Him lead us in our parenting roles.

There are three points that are mentioned in this chapter that are vital for all of us to remember:

  1. God sees our situation
  2. God knows the needs of our children
  3. God will continue to provide Living Water for us in the days ahead

We are not alone in motherhood. God is with us and we must remain dependent on Him. We do not need to waste our time fearing the things that could be. Instead we need to spend time getting to know God’s truth and let it replace the myths and lies that have found their way into our hearts. Chapter 8 closes with Psalm 18:28-30:

You, Lord, keep my lamp burning;

my God turns my darkness into light.

With your help I can advance against a troop;

with my God I can scale a wall.

As for God, his way is perfect:

The Lord’s word is flawless;

he shields all who take refuge in him.

When we let fear control us, it hinders our ability to parent well and it hinders us from building strong friendships with other moms.

Worry will makes us compare ourselves to other moms. Guilt will leave us depressed. Fear will have us looking back at our past mistakes or dwelling on what if’s. But faith will lead us to a place where we can fulfill our purpose as a parent while training our children to trust in God!

I am confident Hoodwinked will help you confront the fears you have about motherhood and other lies you have believed, then it will guide you to find the truth in God’s Word which will satisfy you.

This book will enable mothers to:

  • Identify the ten myths of motherhood our current culture perpetuates
  • Replace the lies with the truth of what God says in the Bible about mothering
  • Acquire practical tools to help them form new and improved thought patterns and healthy behaviors
  • Forge healthy, supportive relationships with other moms of all ages and stages
  • Confidently embrace the calling of motherhood as they care for their families in their own unique way

If you are interested in grabbing a copy of Hoodwinked you can get that HERE.


They also have a Six Session Group Study Guide which would be great to go through with some of your closest mom friends! Get the Study Guide HERE.

The back of the book includes: a yearly personal inventory, a week-long prayer prompt, and memory verses for moms!

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