Iceberg Right Ahead

There is a particular movie that came out when I was entering into the maturation process of womanhood. It heightened all my senses, tapped into every emotion and captivated my heart. With two beautifully strong screen performers and a really tragic story, it retold an epic event in history from the perspective of two young kids falling in love. Have you figured it out? Perhaps by the blog title alone? If you have sat through the movie as many times as I have you wouldn’t hesitate to shout it out… I’m talking about Titanic, starring the always lovely Kate Winslet and the first guy to ever steal my heart, Leonardo DiCaprio. It was just a crush:)

It was just on TV the other day. It seemed like everyone else in the room was ignoring the television, but me of course! I was sucked in immediately:) It was near the middle/end of the movie where Rose and Jack are running through the steam engine room (one of my favorite parts!) Watching their love unfold, I begin to feel strong feelings for my husband… too bad we are sitting in a room full of family or it would have been on! Anyways, the couple find their way to the deck of the cruise liner continuing acts of passion, even the watchmen notice from above. This is right when tragedy interrupts and you hear those dreadful words, “ICEBERG RIGHT AHEAD!” No matter how many times I watch Titanic I always hope for a different ending:( As chaos breaks loose through the steam-room and lower cabins, an image of the boat crashing into the solid block of ice flashes across the screen. Rose and Jack are wide-eyed and in arms reach of the very thing that eventually separates their requited love.

I began to think about how this figuratively relates to marriage. The iceberg represents all the things that try and hinder marriage from being healthy, cause hardship or separate a husband and wife’s love. The watchmen reminded me of the holy spirit who warns us and comforts us in trying times. Its so important that we yield to the Holy Spirit’s lead, allowing him to guide us through life, especially with our spouse.

What icebergs are you bumping up against in your marriage right now? If you feel like your marriage has been hit hard and maybe even sinking, I’m going to URGE you to hold on – never let go!

We may not be able to rewrite a more desired ending to Titanic or even the reality of the tragic fate of that ship, but your marriage is in the present, a very real and vital relationship. You and your spouse will be responsible for how your marriage and love life unfolds! I encourage you to hold on, find other couples to fellowship with, seek a bible study or church group that can keep you and your husband accountable, don’t be afraid to get counseling if you need restoration and if you ever need prayer don’t hesitate to ask!

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