Interview – A Wife From Nicaragua

A few weeks ago I had an awesome opportunity to go on a mission trip with my husband to Nicaragua.  It is always an inspiring experience being immersed in another culture.  The weather was hot and humid, the colors where bold and bright and the people we met were kind and welcoming.


Having recently launched Unveiled Wife I was excited to try and interview a Nicaraguan wife to gain perspective and insight about being a wife in a different part of the world.  We were in country for only 9 days and everyday was consumed with work and fellowship; by midweek I was getting anxious, praying that God would show me whom to interview.  The place we were staying at was a secure campsite with a few people who maintained the site, including cooking us meals and cleaning our laundry.  There was a woman there who had a beautiful countenance, a kind heart and she was very quiet.  Every morning and night she was there.  When she found out my name was Jennifer her eyes lit up; her middle daughter’s name is also Jennifer.  The following day she brought me photographs of her daughter, sharing them with joy.  I knew that this would be the woman I interviewed.  The language barrier – Spanish with an accent –  made it a bit challenging to jump into conversation, but thankfully a member of our team was willing to translate.  I was also grateful that she was willing to be interviewed.  I hope you enjoy this…


Name: Flor

Age: 33

Children: 3 girls

Religion: Christian

UW: How long have you been married?

Flor:  3 years with my current husband.  My first husband, whom I was with at 16, died in an accident.  We were together for 11 years.

UW: How long did you date your (current) husband?

Flor:  About 6 months.

UW: What is a typical age women get married?

Flor:  They don’t get married, but they start their families at 13-14…some as young as 11.

UW:  What is traditional for a Wedding?

Flor: Relationships will last longer if you start your family first, based on that and time, you are considered man and wife.  It takes a lot of time and money to make a marriage official.  Some people do have civil weddings, but they are very small.  When there is money the wedding ceremonies are big and beautiful, celebrated with family and food.

UW:  What about dancing at weddings?

Flor:  If you are a Christian, no dancing, it is a big risk.  If you are a Christian it is a radical change.

UW:  What are common roles for wives?

Flor:  I wash my husband’s clothes and iron them.  I feed him.  Fidelity and being loyal.  I am in charge of the kids.  On the weekends my husbands helps clean, like washing my clothes.

UW:  What do you enjoy about being a wife?

Flor:  I like it all!

UW:  What are some struggles you face as a wife?

Flor:  When I am not working because of the economy.  If my kids want something and I can’t give it.

UW:  Did you have any fears about being a wife?

Flor:  I was a little scared at 15.  I was worried that he might treat me bad or cheat on me.  But my husband encourages me:)

UW:  Do you and your husband do anything fun together?

Flor:  Housework, go to church, watch TV with the kids, but we never have alone time.

UW: Do you and your husband pray together?

Flor:  Sometimes when I wake up I pray by myself, I pray for my husband and my kids.  Only on rare occasions we pray together.


The interview didn’t last too long and it ended with smiles and hugs.  It was nice to get to know Flor, while learning how another wife operates.   I hope you enjoyed hearing a different voice on the blog:) It’s my desire to continue interviewing wives from all walks of life, to learn from them and give them a platform to share.  I am curious to know if there are other questions you would be interested in knowing more about, not for Flor, but rather for future interviews that I could note. Thanks!

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