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Is There Hope For Reconciliation After Adultery?


I recently received another testimony of a wife who found encouragement through Unveiled Wife while enduring a dark season in her marriage.  Her letter was very touching as she shared the pain she experienced from the threat of divorce, as well as a prayer for her husband, hoping in faith for reconciliation after adultery.  Although anonymous, this wife had a desire to be a light for other wives going through dark times.  May her words impact you as they have me.

Dear Unveiled Wife,

By reading the blogs and comments from your followers, I can see many wives are hurting in their marriages. I was one of them and found hope in wives’ entries of restoration and healing. I’m hoping my story below can be of encouragement to just one person…

I posted on your Facebook page a little while ago, asking for prayer for my husband and our marriage. We endured a very dark walk while my husband contemplated leaving me and our daughter, and also committed adultery. It was the most painful and devastating time of my life. I couldn’t understand how his vows to me were no longer UNconditional, and how the hopes and dreams of our future together meant nothing to him. Most of all, I couldn’t comprehend how another woman became involved in our marriage like she had.

In the meantime of asking for God to heal me, and restore our marriage, I knew my husband’s soul was in jeopardy of being overtaken by Satan. A nonbeliever, my husband’s recovery was going to take more than me yelling at him, more than my harmful words of revenge…it was going to take GOD…MY God. I found myself praying less for me and more for my husband.

“Heavenly Father,

I lift my husband up before You and pray for peace in his heart. Show him Your grace, Lord, and help him see his worth in Your eyes and Your plan. I pray for light in his life, joy in his spirit, and clarity in his mind. Only You can show him his truest value and the purpose in his walk with You.

I pray that I can become a beacon of Your love and forgiveness, Father, and can maintain the strength and faith he needs from me.

Thank you for my husband, God, and my life with him. Thank you for all You have given us and Your loyalty to fulfill Your promises.

In Jesus’ Holy name,

I placed this prayer in his wallet with instructions for him to read it whenever he felt too overwhelmed with his guilt. He was heartbroken by the pain he’d caused me. Although hearing his sobs and seeing a hurting man before me was so sad, it gave me hope because it was the beginning of his repentance…

It had been three months since I last smiled, last laughed, and last looked forward to having a tomorrow. I struggled to maintain composure for our 1.5-year-old daughter and provide for her needs.

I almost gave up; I almost was okay with divorce.

I cried to Heaven for a reason, just ONE, to hold on… The very next morning there was an email in my Inbox from my husband, including abundant apologies for his sins, a profession of his love for me, and an outline of his Godly and worldly goals for our future. His email changed my life and renewed my faith because I knew it was strategically sent from God.

My husband is back, our marriage is healing, and OUR God is being placed at the very core. It’s my husband’s desire to lead our family along the Lord’s path for us. Praise our Heavenly Father!

There is a reason for EVERYthing – every tear, every heartache, and every lonely night. Our marriage is already significantly more intimate, physically AND spiritually, than it ever was in the previous five years.

Our God can heal… Our God can renew… It is all possible with our God. Believe!


An Anonymous Wife

Unveiled Wife

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  • Wife

    My husband took off early from work and went and got this girl, bought her to the house even gave her money to buy clothes. I know this because she left evidence on purpose. She gets into my drawers and rearranges things and my jewelry box.

  • Andrea

    4 years ago, right after my husband and I got married, I found out he was on dating websites and even met up with a girl when I was on night shift. I forgave him and I thought we were working through it, we started counseling and then stopped for about 2 years…and then resumed a year ago. We have been happy together, we rarely fight, we are best friends. I thought we had open communication about any issues, and total transparency. Last night I recieved a message that my husband was on a dating website a week ago and messaged a girl asking to meet up when I was working. she sent screen shots and everything. I confronted him and he admitted it, stating that he has never felt valued or accepted, that he has severe self-esteem issues, and that he feels he needs constant affirmation, and thats why he created the profile. I told him this is unacceptable in a marriage and he agrees. He cried and cried and told me he values our marriage, loves me and wanted to get counseling for his own issues individually. I had asked him to leave because I feel I need some time apart. He says he can’t do this on his own and needs my love and support. My feeling is to be firm and ask him to leave….but I don’t know if I am being wrong. Do I give him this THIRD chance or do I walk away before it happens again in a few years? Otherwise, we are happy. We are best friends….I had no indication that this would happen. I’m so lost on what to do.

  • K.Dee

    You pray for your husband as hard as you can! extend him to God and let God heal him. ask God to keep him from the devil and allow you to be a vessel of unconditional love no matter what the two of you go through (just as God does for you when you sin). this will not be easy at all. but keep all your faith in God. God makes no mistakes. Pray with your husband and for you husband. pray for the women that he is cheating with as well. Pray that their broken hearts are mended and that they seek God for whatever it is that they are missing. Ask God to forgive her/them. Continue to speak life into your marriage and your husband. God bless you and know that as long as God is our God, the devil will NEVER win or take what God has for YOU! Use this as a time to walk by faith and not by sight! :)

  • http://batman-news.com Standing Wife

    I love this discussion. It encourages me to stay the coarse. I love the Lord and I love my husband. We have been married almost 16 years and he has committed adultry multiple times. The most recent was with a former friend. I will continue to pray for my husband and families and trust in the Lord with all my heart. He will cause all things to work for our good ladies.
    p.s. my story is entirely too long to post…Just know there is always hope and it is always too early to throw in the towel. :)

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