Is Tim Tebow Changing The Game For Our Husbands, Fathers & Sons?

Tim Tebow, quarterback for the Denver Broncos, has been dominating the football media recently. It seemed like many of the NFL coverage shows could not get away from highlighting Tebow, including his unique story of birth, and his life accomplishes up to the present including his book that landed on The New York Times Best Seller list called Through My Eyes . Whether criticizing or praising Tebow, his skills and his faith have been under examination.

Tebowmania has caught fire, many people respond negatively towards the attention he has received, while many others continue to jump on the bandwagon. Tebow’s faith has aroused tons of persecution as well as applaud. Some fans were redesigning number 15’s jersey to read Jesus, while others imitate his prayer posture nicknaming it “Tebowing.”

Critics may slander the young athletes dedicated faith, but Tebow remains unwavering. He continues to profess Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior every opportunity he gets. Despite the Broncos defeat in New England, it seems as though many Tebow fans will be eagerly waiting the Broncos return next season. And although Denver’s loss was unfortunate, taking them out of the play-offs, Focus on the Family took advantage of a great opportunity to share a commercial in the beginning of the game reciting John 3:16, a bible verse that Tebow shares often.

With the hype and excitement of Tebowmania many people are becoming aware of Tim Tebow, especially of his faith in God. During the season Tebow selflessly invited special guests to the Bronco games, spending time with them before and after each game. His character on and off the field is one of genuine leadership and no one can doubt that he has the gift of influence.

Is Tebow changing the game for our husbands, fathers, and sons?

The football game may remain, but for some men who are invested into this sport, the game of life is definitely changing! As Tebow continues to exemplify his character before millions of spectators, people have been and will continue to be inspired by this young mans faith and courage. Just as God uses other sports figures such as Kurt Warner and Albert Pujols to do good and inspire others, God is using Tim Tebow to influence the football community, and we should support his efforts! Let’s pray for Tim Tebow! Let’s pray that God will continue to use him to inspire people’s faith and that he will not bend beneath the weight of scrutiny.

Has Tim Tebow made an impact on your family in a positive way?

Has he inspired you or your husband’s faith?

Has he encouraged you or your husband to put others first and care for others?

Has Tebow stirred any curiosity or motivated any random acts of kindness with any of your family members?

Is so, please share in the comments!

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