July Cover Story For PINC Magazine

I had the honor of gracing the front cover of PINC Magazine – July 2012!  I share about my heart on the issue of marriage, as well as about the purpose behind the Unveiled Wife Community.


I had a great experience with the girls from PINC Magazine!  We traveled to Bolsa Chica State Beach to capture these lovely images above, shot by Michelle Yejin.  Then I had the privilege of participating in my first interview ever with Kristin Kline.

Here are a few snippets from the article:

I shared a little honesty, as far as being a Christian wife encountering issues in my marriage.  It was always a challenge to let down walls and be real with others.

“It was really hard for me to be vulnerable.  I always had to come off being the ‘good Christian’ or like I had everything put together. To look weak just amplified the insecurities that I had and it was just hard to go to that place.”

Now that I have exposed my weakness with others and have sought after accountability to be better in my Christian faith and in my marriage, I feel free from the weight of insecurities and failures.  Much of what I learned – and am still learning – to let go of was my pride.  Humility is never easy, but when we experience it, God is glorified!

I also touched on the topic of sex and intimacy in marriage.

“Growing up Christian, sex and intimacy wasn’t talked about in church. And for me and my husband, because that was a tension spot in our marriage, it was very hard to talk about sex with each other, but also with anybody else.”

My husband and I struggled in this area for years, and very often we still experience challenges.  However, being able to communicate with my husband about our sex life and praying over it has definitely impacted it in a positive way.

My passion for marriage ministry and sharing marital resources that will equip wives is my mission!

“One of the reasons I wanted to start Unveiled Wife was to also be able to be more open in the Christian atmosphere about sex and intimacy.  If I was a struggling new wife, unable to talk about it with anybody, even a close friend, there’s got to be other people out there who feel the same way.”

I hope that these small excerpts encourage you in your marriage today!  Please know that you are not alone in your struggles!  If you have a moment please check out the full article HERE!

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