Looking For Crazy Date Ideas? Try Body Painting


Several months ago, my husband and I were stuck. We had gone to the movies so many times that it just didn’t seem appealing. We couldn’t go out to eat, because the money was a little tight. We needed crazy date ideas to inspire us… so we came up with a crazy idea.


I am a little nervous to tell you because I was embarrassed at first, but to this day we bring up our ‘Crazy’ date night. It was fun and extremely adventurous. Okay… you wanna know what we did? We bought a large canvas and some acrylic paints* from the local art store. The total cost of our supplies was the same price as one meal at the restaurant, about 15-20 dollars. Oh, did you notice? No paint brushes? What?

The crazy part… Remove your spouse’s clothing… all the way down to his birthday suit! Let him do the same to you! Now use your hands and paint each others’ bodies with the paints that you bought. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Now, when your work of art is finished, press your bodies against the canvas! Crazy Body Art! Fun right?!! After you admire your work, the best part is cleaning up together in the shower! Make sure to get all the paint off your mate!

A word or two of warning..Lay an old sheet or large towel under your painting space! Also, we found that the paint dries pretty quickly when it’s on our bodies, so we sprayed our bodies with a little water bottle to moisten the paints just before pressing against the canvas. Touch ups may be important. My husband and I actually hung our ‘Crazy Body Art’ in our bedroom. We have frequent visitors and some body parts are more pronounced than others. Don’t be afraid to cover them a bit if you don’t want others seeing your private square. Even though we covered up some spots on our canvas, we have the memory of that special night in our mind forever! Not to mention, we have a beautiful canvas hanging on our wall!

*Disclaimer: Not all types of paint are good to put on your body. Please check labels to make sure they are non-toxic and water soluble! Do not use oil paints what so ever! 

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