Marriage Thanksgiving: A Letter of Thanks

Marriage Thanksgiving

Thank you for 13+ years of adventure, excitement, laughter and growth.

Thank you for bringing me chocolate on those days you just know I “need” it.

Thank you for how you lay down with our son when he struggles to sleep.

Thank you for not being afraid to have tea parties with our daughters.

Thank you for how faithfully you teach our children about God, His love, and His plan.

Thank you for making sure I get enough rest.

Thank you for that one funny face you make just because you know it will make me laugh.

Thank you for being willing to follow leadership, advice and counsel from those farther down this path of life than we.

Thank you for watching chick-flicks with me.

Thank you for loving me, even especially when I’m most unlovable.

Thank you for being patient with me; and our children.

Thank you for making sure our family laughs everyday.

Thank you for singing worship songs in the car. Loud.

Thank you for learning how to do little girls’ hair.

Thank you for teaching our son how to be strong, yet compassionate.

Thank you for your strength and masculine energy.

Thank you for being a man of passion and strong convictions.

Thank you for being willing to follow where God leads, even when its utterly terrifying.

Thank you for being a Bucket List Husband. Dolphins? Eiffel Tower? Positano? Never in my wildest dreams, and yet they are crossed off!

Thank you for making sure things at home are smooth so I can have time to take care of myself.

Thank you for putting up with my cooking.

Thank you for taking care of all the mundane, mind-numbing details of running an adult life – bills, banks, cars.

Oh, my husband, I could keep writing and I would run out of space before I would run out of things about you for which I am thankful. I don’t say it enough, but I want to say it now. Thank you for being a man or loves God, loves me, loves our family, and loves others. I love you, admire you and respect the man you are, and the man He is shaping you to be.

Ok, friends, it’s your turn! Write a letter of thanks to your husband – and make sure you give it to him! Leave a comment telling us what you are most thankful for about your hubby. If you have a blog, feel free to write a post like this one and be sure to leave the link here so the world can see how wonderful your man is!

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