A Moment Of Fear & Tears For This Momma | Vlog #12

This is Part 2 of our road trip from Oregon to California. (Part 1 HERE) We loved spending time with our family on this little adventure. Aaron and I enjoy long drives because it gives us a chance to chat about the most random things. Talking with each other builds up our relationship and reveals so much about each other. The kids also did great with the drive, sleeping a ton.

We made quite a bit of pit stops so we could all stretch our legs.

One place we stopped and  explored was Cresent City. It was small, but definitely an interesting town. It was early morning when we drove through, the moon was still bright and visible. We got out to see a lighthouse but it didn’t open for a few more hours, so we decided to move on.




The next destination on our adventure was the Redwood Forest. We got to say hi to Paul Bunyan at the Mystery of Trees and ride the Sky Trail.






Can I just say that the brochure made it look like the cabin you sit in goes straight through the trees and not straight up a mountain side! I am terrified of heights and had a bit of a breakdown on the way up.  Go ahead and see me lose it in our vlog…but please don’t laugh too hard at my dripping mascara face!

Here are some more photos from this adventure day!





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