Mommy & Daughter Photoshoot To Celebrate Her Birthday

My daughter Olive just turned 3 years old. I am celebrating and crying at the same time! I feel like 3 is that growth spurt to full grown kid. It is so exciting.

She is bubbly, articulate, thoughtful, passionate, and loving. She adores “mamas and babies” and makes it known to everyone. She is sandwiched between two brothers who enjoy playing with her. She is like her dad in many ways, both being extroverts and needing to be chatting with people in conversation all of the time. She loves to dress up, pearl necklaces, “chapicks and lipglass” 24/7, and she randomly told a waiter the other day that he is very handsome. We love you Olive girl and we are blessed to have you in our lives. Happy 3rd Birthday!

I figured if we were going to do a dramatic Mom and Daughter photoshoot now would be the time to do it! I wanted her to see us as the Princesses she believes we are. So I made us each a tulle skirt as big as I could sew it and I made us each a flower crown.  We wore white tank tops with the our skirts and curled our hair up fancy.

My friend Valentina (@wildlight_photography) captured our love in the sweetest light.

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