My Moment With Sally Clarkson

I literally scratched my head as I struggled to title this article…as if doing so would help me find the right words.  There is just so much to be said, not just about my moment with Sally Clarkson, but my whole experience at Mom Heart!

I will start with Sally…

For several months leading up to the Mom Heart Conference I had corresponded with Sally over email, social media, and even by phone. I felt as if we had already been friends forever; she has a special way of drawing people in and letting them know they are valued.  Yet, no matter how much we virtually chatted, I still anticipated the day I would meet her face-to-face.

I woke up Friday morning and got ready to head to Mom Heart. Pulling up to the hotel, I had butterflies swirling inside!  I texted my friend Ruth from The Better Mom, who I had also been building a friendship with virtually and would meet for the first time. Ruth texted me back the conference room where I would meet her.  Giving Ruth a hug and just being present with her filled my heart with so much warmth.  I loved every bit of our conversations and the fact they were happening in real life!


As Ruth and I chatted, the door swung open and a cheery Sally Clarkson entered with the most graceful little dance…she halted immediately as she realized I was in the room, laughing as if she was slightly embarrassed by her gesture, which was motivated by her daughter who sat across the room.  We all chuckled at Sally’s grand entrance, a moment that is imprinted on my heart, of a mother’s love for her daughter and the joy that can radiate when that kind of love is cultivated.  It was simple, silly, and oh so beautiful.

That moment just set the stage for the rest of the event.  My heart was softened, ready to receive all that God had intended to pour out during the event.

Unfortunately, and I mean REALLY unfortunately, I had taken notes in my conference folder, but in the last 30 minutes of the conference I miss placed it…losing all my notes and one-liners that inspired me, all that I wanted to share with you!  I am still grieving over losing that gem.

Although I lost my notes, there were some stand-out moments I can still recall…Here are a few highlights:

– Hundreds of beautiful women coming together to listen, talk, cry, laugh, and learn.

– Meeting my friends and making new ones, face-to-face.  Shaking hands, hugging, and eye contact…touch that can not be felt through technology.

– Meeting my friend and UW Contributor, Jamie for the first time! She is stunning, inside and out! God used her to encourage me in a huge way, so thank you friend! Check out what she experienced at Mom Heart: Here!

Speaking to over 600 women, looking out into the sea of mamas, hoping to encourage them from God’s Word.  I used stories from my own life of trying to balance motherhood and its full-time calling.  I can still see the 3-4 faces I focused on to help me get through my message, each with a pleasant countenance, compassion contorting their expressions, showing a hunger for encouragement, and each having their own unique qualities like curly red hair or the eyes that smiled in acceptance.

– When Sally said,

When we love well, we are most like God.

– As we sang worship to God, so many voices rose up at once, a phenomenal and heavenly harmony.  I closed my eyes and just listened.

– Being inspired from all who spoke! Sally and Ruth did excellent as they captivated us all through laughter and tears.

– Ruth Schwenk stated boldly,

Being a mom is not about your place in life right now…it is about your purpose in life!

– Sally and Clay Clarkson have some very talented children, and they each in some way contributed to the conference. It was a huge testament to the integrity of Sally and Clay’s character and mission with the ministry.  Sally mentioned that her children are the best book she has ever written.  What an incredible legacy they have left!

– Sally’s sons Nathan and Joel collaborated on a song called Hallelujah and YOU NEED TO HEAR IT! It is such a beautiful and soulful song. LISTEN HERE!

– Hearing women share with me thankfulness for being transparent and then having them share their powerful stories.  God divinely appointed each one of us to be there and that truth was evident!

Throughout the conference it seemed as if God had woven some captivating themes throughout each message including:

  • Being a mom takes hard work, but it is worth it.
  • Living in faith means we must take risks.
  • God will equip us to do all He has called us to do.
  • We are raising Heroes! World-Changers!

I really appreciate Sally and Clay’s passion to encourage mothers.  This conference was an absolute blessing to me and so many others. I am grateful for the Clarkson’s and their obedience to follow God and serve Him in this capacity.

If you have never been to a MomHeart Conference I urge you to check into and perhaps attend next year!

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