The Noah’s Ark Encounter In Kentucky

Our son Eliott loves to draw. He also loves Bible stories. Naturally, he tends to draw his versions of David and Goliath, Noah’s Ark, and Jonah. He has a desire to know God’s Word and to understand the different events described in the Bible.

Here are a few of the hundreds of Noah’s Ark pictures he has drawn:

When we heard about the Ark Experience we couldn’t wait to take Eliott. We knew it would be an adventure that would blow his mind. The Ark Encounter is a perfect family adventure. We spent most of the day there! Oh and if you plan to visit be sure to eat there because the food was really good. It is set up buffet style all-you-can-eat for a great price.

This experience was awesome in seeing the Bible come alive in a beautiful and tangible way.

The Ark is massive! 

Ark Encounter features a full-size Noah’s Ark, built according to the dimensions given in the Bible. Spanning 510 feet long, 85 feet wide, and 51 feet high, this modern engineering marvel amazes visitors young and old. Ark Encounter is situated in beautiful Grant County in Williamstown, Kentucky, halfway between Cincinnati and Lexington and right off I-75.”

Also, the Ark Encounter is about a forty minute drive from the Creation Museum!

The only disappointment was that we thought we would be able to go on the top deck of the ark and look out, but it was not an option. Although, I did ask a staff member and they hinted that sometime in the next year or two it may be an available option…which means we will have to find a way back to visit!

Here is our family Vlog of our experience at the ark:

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