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Official I Love My Husband T-Shirt

I love My Husband Shirt

I am happy to announce the second edition of the “I Love My Husband” shirt! I was completely humbled and blown away by the respons of the first shirt and since that shirt has ended I have had countless requests for me to bring it back. Many of those requests were for a dark version of the shirt, so that is exactly what we are offering. This new campaign consist of 3 colors; Black, Navy and Maroon.


The Giveaway Has Ended!

I will post all the winners soon.


I believe it is important to acknowledge the love one has for their spouse, to share reasons why they love them, and to let others know of this great love.

I am so excited to share with you this awesome opportunity for you to boast about the love you have for your husband through a custom designed T-shirt!  As a community of wives, let us make a stand for marriages!

This official I Love My Husband T-shirt is a statement piece that reflects a beautiful message.

Hopefully by wearing this shirt conversations will spark regarding marriage and others will be reminded of the love they have for their spouse!  It will inspire positive thoughts and encouragement towards marriage.

Not to mention your husband will feel respected and loved when he sees his proud wife flaunting these precious words for all to see!

The I Love My Husband T-shirt is officially launched and ready for purchase, however, it is a campaign cause, meaning that there is a goal!  The goal is to get at least 500 wives to order this shirt… once that number is hit the shirts get shipped!  If the goal is not met then unfortunately the orders are canceled and no one will be charged for it. The campaign will run for 21 days, so we only have until December 18th to reach our goal!

Please help me reach this goal of 500 wives taking advantage of this opportunity and joining us in a love movement to stand for marriage.  Share this with your family and friends!

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What do you think about the I Love My Husband T-Shirt design?

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