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If you are interested in essential oils or any of the other incredible Young Living products such as the Savvy Mineral MakeUp, the best way to get started (how I got started) is to sign up to be a Wholesale Member and purchase the Premium Starter Kit. (There is a ton more information if you keep scrolling this page!)

If you have already decided to become a YL member and you are ready to sign up there is a quick link below. However, I do encourage you to take a few minutes to read through my story and why I chose Young Living if you haven’t done that yet.

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Why I Use Essential Oils

I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils back in 2010. This was right around the same time my husband and I were discovering the harmfulness of toxic chemicals in our personal care products. (I mention our struggle with parabens in The Unveiled Wife or you can read a brief article about giving up parabens here). We had been experiencing an intimacy crisis in our marriage for years, and we were desperate to find answers. Realizing one harmful ingredient after another in our shampoos, conditioners, body soaps, and lotions, we decided to throw everything out and stick to more natural products.

Exploring new products and finding ones that worked was a challenge for me. There was a sharp learning curve in our new approach to personal care products that overwhelmed me. I had to relearn the systems of the body and become familiar with some of the highly toxic ingredients rampant in the cosmetic industry.

When a friend approached me about essential oils, I didn’t understand how they worked and I didn’t have the capacity to do the research at the time, and truthfully I didn’t believe all the hype.

Back then, I only knew a few people using oils, but the few who were using them, raved about them. Although I tried samples from friends sporadically, it took me about 3 years to really understand and embrace how essential oils could be beneficial for our marriage relationship and family.

As our family grew, we decided to get a few essential oils to try out. We didn’t want to jump into a membership, so we bought a few – non Young Living – single oils from Amazon. We did not realize there was a difference in oils until about a year later when we did a comparison smell test with our oils against Young Living’s. There was an obvious difference! Young Living Essential Oils had a richer, more natural fragrance. This quickly spiked our curiosity…and with close friends already using Young Living I invested more time into learning why Young Living is a leader in the industry.

What pulled me in to make the commitment to become a YL Member was when I found out Young Living was more than just essential oils! The oils are great but I was unfamiliar with how to use them. My initial interest was in the Thieves cleaner, toothpaste, and laundry soap. And I’m still in love with these items, I use them daily. 

After talking to my husband about the opportunity of joining Young Living as a wholesale member, we agreed to sign up, hopeful to start using products that would make a difference in our life. We didn’t have any desire for the business side of things, rather we knew we wanted to take advantage of the wholesale discount (24% off). Well, after 3 years of using YL Oils and many of their other products every day, the results are in… we are in love with all of it!

Its Not Just Oils

I have been hooked on the Savvy Minerals Makeup. This cosmetic line has quickly become one of my favorite YL products. Again, I care so much about what goes on my skin, so much so that I stopped wearing foundation for almost 6 years! The Savvy Foundation is glorious. It never leaves my skin feeling heavy or caked on. It goes on light, but using the misting spray I can build it up for more coverage. An even better bonus, it doesn’t smudge off when my kids come and snuggle me.

I forgot to mention my husband has also enjoyed the experience he has had with essential oils. He gets creative in making his own blends for his different needs, including one that he uses for skin breakouts. Below you can see more of my favorite Young Living Products.


Why Am I Sharing My Story With You?

 I am sharing all of this with you because it is too good not to share! In today’s world, where the store aisles are filled with personal care products that have ingredients that are not healthy for our bodies, I wanted to share with you a healthy alternative. When I signed up to use Young Living I was still a little skeptical. I didn’t know the extent to which I would use YL products. I also never fathomed I would be building up the business side of things!

After several years of using and loving YL oils and products, I want to share this opportunity with you.

I also want to share the exciting news that I am pursuing the business of YL and would love for you to join my team! If you are interested in this please email me at

Are You Interested In Essential Oils?

If you are interested in essential oils or any of the other incredible Young Living products such as the Savvy Minerals MakeUp, the best way to get started (how I got started) is to sign up to be a Wholesale Member and get the Premium Starter Kit, which includes 11 of the most popular oils and a diffuser.

They also have a Savvy Minerals MakeUp Starter Kit. So depending on your needs you get to choose your starter kit!

Signing up as a wholesale member gets you a 24% discount on YL oils and products. All you have to do is spend $50 a year to keep your account active.

The other benefit of signing up as a wholesale member is that you can jump into building a business with YL at any time if you want to! Looking back at my journey I am so glad I signed up as a Wholesale Member.

If you decide to sign up as a wholesale member I would love for you to join my team! Whether you just want the products at an awesome discount or are interested in the business, just click the link below and make sure you choose wholesale, not retail! And use my Sponsor ID: 10218125.

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If you have any questions before signing up you can e-mail me at

Once you sign up, you will have the opportunity to join our team’s Facebook groups that will help support you as you begin this journey! Trust me, I know it can seem kind of overwhelming at first (how to use the oils, etc.) but that’s why becoming a member is so great, because trying these products and seeing the impact it makes in your life is priceless!

My Favorite Young Living Products

Hands down the Savvy Minerals MakeUp system is amazing! I use it just about every day and it takes me between 4-8 minutes to complete. 

The Thieves Cleaning line smells fresh! The Thieves household cleaner works better than any cleaner I have ever used. It is cleans greasy ovens with ease. If there is food or grime stuck to the table or the floor I just spray a little bit and let it sit for a minute and it wipes right off. The actual product also goes really far, lasting quite a while. 

Inner Defense is a great way we like to support our immune systems. 

Slique Gum is one of my favorites but it is a very particular kind of gum. My husband is not a fan. It is potent and a little chalky, but I love it.

I Hope You Consider Beginning Your Journey With Young Living By Joining My Team


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