Prayer: Resting In God

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Dear God,

Many of us wives are overwhelmed with things to do throughout the day. Sometimes our daily activities list is longer than a family tree! We are multi-taskers! However, we are constantly being drained of energy, strength and sometimes our attitudes. Thank You for the responsibilities You have trusted us with and thank You for the ability to do them. We pray that we would find time to rest in You, God!  We know that resting in You refreshes our soul and fills our cup overflowing. Amidst all that we do, may we be consistent and devoted to spending time resting in You. Holy Spirit, we invite You into our lives to guide us and show us how to approach everything we do with a righteous attitude! We pray that what we do specifically for our husbands would be done with a grateful heart and that our marriages would grow into a more beautiful relationship in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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