Rediscovering Your Inner Child


“I don’t wanna grow up I’m a Toys R’ Us kid.  They’ve got a million toys at Toys R’ Us that I can play with. From bikes to trains to video games, it’s the biggest toy store there is.  I don’t wanna grow up cuz’ maybe if I did, then I couldn’t be a Toys R’ Us kid.  More games, more toys, Oh Boy!  I wanna be a Toys R’ Us kid!” 

Okay, tell me the truth.  It’s okay, it won’t hurt my feelings.  Am I the only adult still singing these 80’s toy store commercials?  At least a few times a year, I’ll randomly begin singing this song around my husband (much to his amusement).  There is just something about belting out those words that makes me smile.  I’m instantly transported in time.

When I look at a child playing, there is such joy and satisfaction in simply being alive.  They get lost in the game or toy and it’s impossible to wipe the smile off their face.  Then we grow up and we forget what it’s like to experience those magical moments where there is not a single concern in the world.  Those times when we feel free to live, love and enjoy the present moment.

When was the last time you played footsy under the table with your husband?  How about racing one another across the parking lot to your car?

In the midst of work, children, in-laws and everything in between, this can seem like a tall order.  But it’s so important.  Connecting with your spouse in the midst of this busy life may at times seem impossible but it can be done.  Stealing time away early in the morning to simply rest in each other’s arms.  Curling up on the couch when the kids go to sleep just to capture a little “us time.”  And whenever possible, taking a weekend for yourselves – just the two of you – to unwind, relax and enjoy the simple things in life.

Now, when I said that last one, if you thought, “Yeah right!” then this post is specifically for you.

Last week, when we unveiled the new Happy Wives Club website, we wanted to do something amazing for one special couple.  So I asked Jennifer if I could visit the Unveiled Wife and also share it with her readers.  She said yes and I’m so glad she did!

This week, we are giving away an all-expenses paid trip for two to Disneyland!  Included is your airfare, hotel accommodations, admission into both Disneyland and California Adventure, $100 Disney Dollars and an HD Sony Camera to capture all your magical moments together.

Have you and your husband been craving some alone time?

Do you long for a moment to simply feel like kids again?

Then give yourselves a second honeymoon by entering here to win.  The winner will be announced next week and I sure hope you win!

– Fawn Weaver 

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