Reflecting On 2014

highlightsMy husband and I have traveled through 2014 at lightning speed from the momentum of the last few years thrusting us forward. We had hopes and dreams that we talked about for awhile that became a reality this last year and we could not be more grateful.

In January I put together a little conference in Southern California called SHINE and it was an unbelievable experience! Almost 500 women came from all over to gather together. What a way to start out the new year!


Take a moment to check out a special collection of letters written just for you from the women who joined me at SHINE! Click HERE to view!


January 6th we celebrated our 7th Wedding anniversary with our son in Santa Barbara. I had desired to take that trip since our 3rd anniversary, planning out the things we could do and the fun we would have, so it was such a blessing to finally be able to make those memories together!



On the way home from that trip we decided we would move from our roots in Southern California and establish our family in Central Oregon. In February, my husband quit his job in faith that God was leading us to pursue our blogs fulltime ( and A HUGE goal for us that feels so incredible to have reached! I must thank our readership for the faithful following and support you all have gifted to us. You are so appreciated.

Also in February I had the opportunity to sign a contract with Tyndale Momentum for my first traditionally published book! This my friends is seriously a dream come true! A dream since childhood! I never thought in a million years this book would encompass the depths of who I am, but I am excited for others to have a chance to get to know me.


In March we packed up all we had and spent quality time with our families. Then in the first week of April we set out on a wild adventure to Oregon.

Every day since we have been here in Oregon, either my husband or I will take a moment to express our love and thankfulness to God to be able to live in such a beautiful place. Our hearts are full and content!


May through July I spent most of my time working tirelessly on my manuscript, coming up for air occasionally getting out to explore the Oregon terrain as much as possible with friends and family.

In mid-July we took a month long trip to visit our publisher in Chicago, friends and family in Ohio and Kentucky, I experienced SheSpeaks in Charlotte, Disney World in Orlando, meet-up with blogging friends in Dallas, spent time with Logos and Declare in Dallas, and meet wives from the UW community in each city we visited! It was exhilarating and exhausting at the same time! Below are some snapshots of our time…







In August we received the best news ever! We found out we are expecting again, due April 27th Eek!!


September was awesome because I had the opportunity to release a passionate resource of mine titled 31 Prayers For Your Husband, I teamed up for a virtual Marriage Retreat with my blogging friends and I was able to head back to Southern California for Women of Faith!


Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 11.52.07 PM

October was a month of rest from traveling and work on the blog. We began dreaming up goals for the next year and how we can make our blogs even more awesome. We also tended to the last bit of time we had with our first garden! My son’s green bean teepee lasted the longest of everything.


November was great because I got to celebrate the birth and life of my newest nephew Milo! And my mom and sister came to visit and we took them to see the Oregon coast….yes it is truly magnificent. God is so detailed when it comes to creating really striking places.



Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 11.32.14 PM


I also had the joy of celebrating my first tangible copy of my book The Unveiled Wife with people who are very close to my heart, including my agent Matt!


Can I just mention really quick how much my son has grown up in the last 12 months!?! Everything from appearance to speech…I’m in awe!

photo 2

In December I had the opportunity to forge a new and already deep friendship with Author and Blogger Angie Tolpin. Her and her husband are a beautiful pair and they have embraced our family with so much love! I am looking forward to the adventures our family will have in 2015!

photo 1

And one more for fun! Eliott and Aaron enjoying a sled ride 3 copy


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