Resurrection Eggs By Family Life: An Easter Celebration: Full Review

resurrection-eggsEaster is a significant part of my faith. I enjoy celebrating the reason of Easter, which is remembering what Christ sacrificed for us! However, this time of year can become distracting with all of the candy and baskets and decor we see all around us at stores. I want my kids to enjoy and celebrate Easter, but more than anything, I want them to value the significance of Christ in our life!

Resurrection Eggs by Family Life is a creative and fun way to engage with your children about the meaning of Easter. The colorful eggs contain little treasures that represent a part of the gospel story. As you allow your child to open each egg, you can use the provided booklet to talk about the significance of each treasure.

The treasures include things like praying hands, a rooster, a donkey, a cross, money, and a piece of linen, just to name a few.

This tangible way of explaining the celebration of Easter creates a fun atmosphere for you to help your child or children understand what Christ did on the cross for all mankind.

I love this set of eggs and it will be a highlight of Easter week for our family.

The Resurrection Eggs are available at these places:

Check out my full review and see the egg set for yourself in this video review!


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