Smith Family Adventures Continue | Vlog #25, 26, 27, & 28

I love vlogging because it has become a little archive of home videos for our children and family to enjoy. They love to look back at the good times we have shared. I also love how YOU can watch and get to know our little family a little more!

I have been a little slow to sharing our vlogs with you so here are 4 that happened from spring to summer! They are ones for the record books for sure! We hiked to see a giant pumpkin, we adventured Disneyland, we witnessed the great American Solar Eclipse in TOTALITY, and we went blueberry picking.

Take some time to catch up on these vlogs.

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Aaron and I were raised in Southern California. Although we moved to Central Oregon almost 4 years ago and bought our first house, we still travel to California often to visit family.

The trip we took in the spring was super fun for the kids. We celebrated Easter with grandparents and the kids were spoiled with good food and belly laughs. While we were visiting we got to hike to Pumpkin Rock, a trail in the town where Aaron and I grew up. Surprisingly it was my first time hiking it. At the end of the trail is a gigantic rock overlooking the city, which someone painted to resemble a pumpkin with a face.

You can watch our short hike up Norco Hills to see pumpkin rock up close in vlog #25:

The Great American Solar Eclipse from Redmond, Oregon in vlog #26:

Next up is our adventure at Disneyland in vlog #27:

Drone footage of us blueberry picking in vlog #28:

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