Softening Your Husband

I really like this quote by Sigmund Freud.  Women need to be careful in how they approach their husband.  Sometimes, even if we mean well with good intentions, we can seem abrupt, aggressive, needy, and demanding.  We tell our husband how to behave, how to clean, how to put their things away, how to cook, how to take care of kids, how to respond to family members… the list goes on forever.  We want our husband to be the best of the best and we feel obligated to teach them how to do it, and our approach is usually in response to frustration.  This belittles men.  Over time I imagine it weakens them.  Men need to feel strong and respected by their wife.  So lets be aware in our approach and remember to soften our man not weaken him!

How can we soften our husband without weakening him?


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