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Something BIG is coming to the Unveiled Wife Blog & Community!

I have been planning and preparing to launch a membership portion of this site. When I say planning and preparing, what I really mean is I have prayed about it, I have thought about it relentlessly, I have ached over it all with concern, and I have been busy spending countless hours every day for the last month pouring my heart into all it will include.

I desire to provide an opportunity for those of you who have been a faithful follower of this blog, those of you who have read Wife After God and The Unveiled Wife, those of you who have been encouraged as a wife and want more!

This membership is purposed to help you go deeper in your relationship with God, draw you closer to your husband, and build up some friendships with other wives along the way.

I chose to name this membership because I want women to know exactly what it is and what it promises. Also, I have always had a passion to bring wives together so that we can walk this journey together of learning about God and marriage, being accountable to the roles God has given us, and to encourage each other through prayer and affirmation. That is why I published Wives After God the group study.

So this is what I named the membership:

Wives After God: Weekly Devotions For Faith, Life And Marriage.

All of the benefits and content I provide is not based on the group study, rather it is all new content based on the overall message of what it means to be Wives After God!

Here are some benefits of joining the Wives After God membership:

  • Be part of a growing and dedicated group of wives that are intentionally chasing after God, TOGETHER.
  • 1 Weekly Video Devotional hosted by Jen (with downloadable journal questions and private community discussion).
  • Access to the private membership forum to discuss all things marriage and life.
  • Members only Discount to the Unveiled Wife Online Store.
  • Early access to all future Unveiled Wife books and resources.
  • Partner deals and promotions for members.
  • + More as the membership community grows!

The Wives After God Membership price is only $9.99 per month for the first group of 500 to sign up. The cost will then go up to $12.99 per month for every member after that. So you will want to get in as soon as registration is open!

I am filled with joy as I continue to prepare this membership offer for the Unveiled Wife Community. I believe it is going to be an incredible resource for wives and a great way for us to connect!

When registration opens there will only be 500 memberships available and you can only sign-up to be a member through an invite. You can register with the form below to be notified and invited when it officially launches.

Sign up to be invited and be entered for a chance to win a Free lifetime memberships!

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