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Creative Ways To Have A Surprise Date Night For Wives

Some of you have crazy schedules, some may have kids, some may just need a little inspiration… Marriage is packed full of daily do’s… husbands and wives constantly have to plan according to a family’s availability instead of just one person.  With all the business that life tends to throw our way, we need to remember to slow down and acknowledge our love relationship, our marriage, taking time and effort to nurture it.  Building up your marriage will benefit your entire family and positively affect the way your family operates.

One way to nurture your marriage is by planning a surprise date night!  Sometimes knowing ahead of time that date night is coming can add more stress to your weekly schedule.  It can even be easily disregarded when a pressing deadline or appointment looms.  However, if you are planning a surprise date night both a husband and wife will be excited for it to come to fruition.  I am sure there are many different ways to do this, but I will explain two.

1.) Tell your husband that you have a surprise for him and encourage him to keep the day and time open that you are preparing for.  People love surprises and the mystery of the unknown, hopefully adding to his determination to keep that time slot available.  Plan ahead of time what you will do and even set up needed childcare.  Remember that this is a surprise for your husband, so try and plan for something you know he will enjoy based off his interests.  When the time comes and everything is ready, including your beautiful self :) have fun with the time you have with your husband!

2.) The other way you can surprise him takes a little more effort.  If you truly want your date night to surprise your husband, you can’t tell him anything.  You prepare ahead of time by creating a list of things you could do with your husband at the drop of a hat.  Meaning you wait for the opportunity when you both have an open night and then BAM! Surprise date night!  For those of you with children you may want to organize a list of on-call babysitters that would also be willing to come at the drop of a hat.  The surprise will change things up for you and your man, adding a spark of interests to explore and enjoy each others company!

Some of you might be reading this and thinking, “This is something I wish my husband would do for me!”  Don’t let that mind-set keep YOU from initiating!  Perhaps your creativity and spontaneity will inspire your husband to do this for you the next time around!

If you are planning or have successfully pulled off a surprise date night, we want to hear about it!  Share in the comments section below!

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