Surprising Great Grandma Betty | Vlog #24

Early this last spring we ventured to California for a short trip to visit family and spend time with them during Easter. It was a perfect spring break trip for us and the kids. In addition so seeing family, we got to go to the beach, Disney, and do a special hike to pumpkin rock!

There was one specific person that I was excited to visit, my Grandma Betty. She had never met our youngest son, Wyatt, and we thought it would be fun to just show up and surprise her!

She was so blessed! She loved that we came to see her and my kids loved checking out the new place she was living. Grandma Betty is getting older. I noticed when I talked with her that she would slip in a few words that didn’t make much sense. But something amazing happened, a perspective that she shared about a flower that blooms every 24 hours, and its still impacting me.

I did a short live video to share about it. You can watch it below and then watch our family vlog about the trip! Be sure to turn the sound on!

Vlog #24:

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