Letter To My Husband – Courageous Warrior For Our King

  Dear Drew, The love and respect I have for you continues to grow each day. I see your commitment to our King and you inspire me daily. Thank you for living out what you preach. Thank you for loving me and all my flaws. You are my greatest encourager, supporter, my best friend. I am so proud of you and honored to be your wife. Our precious baby boy is so blessed to have you as his Daddy. I know that as he grows he will look up to you and it is my prayer that he sees your example as a courageous warrior for our King and lives out a life devoted to Him. Thank you for leading your family and being so

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Movie Review – Courageous

  Courageous is a film by the creators of Fireproof.  This movie was a great story regarding a group of men and their response to faith in Christ and assuming their responsibilities as men of integrity, including their roles as fathers and husbands.  I recently watched Courageous with my husband and we both enjoyed it and highly recommend it. Courageous reveals truths about God’s intentions for men to live up to His standards.  These men are faced with financial hardships, relational struggles, and even death-threatening situations.  It was awesome to see how some of these men experienced a change of heart and saw life in a different perspective.  I really appreciated that because it helps us view our life through a different lens.  It is

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