3 Fatal Excuses In A Relationship

Did the title catch your intrigue? I hope it did! There are many excuses used in relationships for different circumstances, especially in the marriage relationship! Husbands and wives are notorious for giving each other excuses, whether to defend a point, get out of serving, because of selfish desires, or to reason their way through a situation.  But did you catch that I said fatal? Fatal, not necessarily to those that excuse their way through marriage, but fatal to the marriage relationship.  Using these excuses could ultimately lead to the end of a marriage.  The unfortunate thing is that many of us use these excuses without fully knowing that we are using them and/or the repercussions of our actions.

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My Excuses For Not Being In A Marriage Ministry… And How I Overcame Them

Just about every Wednesday night my husband and I are dedicated to attending the Marriage Ministry at our Church called FUSE.  It is a wonderful time of fellowship with other couples and the goal is to encourage God-centered marriages.  We highly recommend that every husband and wife get involved in a marriage ministry if their church has one! *If it doesn’t… ask if you can start one! ☺

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