Ignite The Fire Of Your Marriage

Dreaming With My Husband Gives Us A Reason To Celebrate

Ignite The Fire Of Your Marriage – Week 3 We were moving into our second year of being husband and wife. We had already experienced so much as newlyweds adventuring places like California, Washington, Africa, El Salvador, Florida and Canada. We were missionaries, traveling around the world together sharing the love of God. As much as it was exciting, it was incredibly difficult as we encountered hardships that tested our faith and challenged the way we trusted God. One thing that we established early in our relationship that unified us and gave us hope was dreaming together. We were passionate about sharing where we were and where we believed God was taking us. We were living in Canada at the time, just above the New

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Ignite The Fire Of Your Marriage – New Marriage Series

Marriage is the core of the family unit. It is vital that husbands and wives remain faithful to one another, invest into their relationship intentionally, and choose to love each other every day. We need to remember to keep our marriage relationship a priority or else it will be vulnerable to ruin. I know how difficult marriage can be. Yet, I also know the power of love and the awesome reward of staying committed during those most challenging seasons. I have been through hard times. Times of contemplating divorce. But I am here to tell you that it is worth it to stay and fight for the gift of marriage. I could only do it because of the strength I found as I drew close

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