Prayer: Loving Your In-Laws

Dear God, Thank You for our husbands and thank You for our husband’s family!  You know each one of our situations, the joy and the trials.  We come before you today and lift up our in-laws to You.  May Your give us an acceptance and a love for our in-laws.  May You help us to find new ways of connecting with our in-laws.  Please intervene in the relationships where in-laws criticize or undermine marriages.  Please help us all to find balance and boundaries with our in-laws.  You have placed our in-laws in our life for a reason, may we understand and fulfill Your purposes in Jesus Name AMEN!

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Five Ways To Love Your Mother-In-Law

There are many wives who have experienced tension in their relationship with their mother-in-law. If you are someone who is struggling with this or not I know that this article will bless you. I am glad that Tayler has brought such an encouraging message for all of us wives to be inspired by and I hope that you are just as challenged as I am to love your mother-in-law all the more! Tayler writes: I have a far from perfect relationship with my husband’s mother. After her and I had a dispute at my husband’s and my engagement party, things went downhill fast. She and I did not speak for four months after that. I remember standing in my parents’ kitchen with my now husband,

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