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Easy Ways To Be Generous This Year In Your Marriage {FREE E-BOOK}

I recently celebrated my first wedding anniversary. Having dated my husband for four years before marriage, we knew each other well. One thing was certain: my dad’s extremely “thrifty” spending habits stuck with me. My husband is more of a spender, but thankfully he keeps us on track by managing our accounts. Honestly, this difference in how each of us will spend money has been one of the more stressful parts of our first year of marriage. I can see how we clash in our spending styles. My first introduction to extreme poverty came through my parents’ sponsorship of two Compassion children when I was 5 years old. I remember sending and receiving letters and special gifts across cultures. But when I was 12, our “brother”

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Encouraging Letter To Blake Lively

Think about the impact we could make in other marriages if we responded to celebrities with letters of encouragement and prayer for their marriages! I received a great suggestion from another wife in our community to pray for new wives! This month the Unveiled Wife Community will be encouraging newlywed Blake Lively!

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Embrace The Journey Of Marriage

Marriage provides opportunities for couples to experience immense joys in life, extreme hardships, and everything in between. Early on in my marriage it was very disturbing for me to realize that marriage provides the good, the bad… and the ugly!  I had fallen into believing that my marriage would be perfect, that my husband and I would never fight, that our love for each other would never be altered or changed. Reality Check! Every marriage goes through seasons of bliss, seasons of challenges, and everything in between! I would like to encourage you today, especially those of you who are newlyweds, with these words: Embrace the journey of marriage… the good, the bad… and the ugly!

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