Meaning Of Marriage


The Meaning Of Marriage By Timothy Keller – Loving The Stranger

Chapter Five – Loving The Stranger Do we all marry strangers? I believe love for another is the main motivator in people willing to commit a life long union in marriage.  However, marriage has its way of revealing more about a person in depth. The question “Did I marry a total stranger?” may cross one’s mind as they are rudely awakened by shortcomings or failures in their spouse, things which could only have been seen after the vows. “We begin to feel that we did not really know the person after all.  And this presents us with the challenge of loving a person who, at the moment, seems in large part a stranger, not the person you remember marrying.” (Keller, 135) Although marriage has its ways

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The Meaning Of Marriage By Timothy Keller – The Mission Of Marriage

Chapter Four – The Mission Of Marriage The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” – Genesis 2:18 The Bible begins by acknowledging that marriage is a friendship.  The entire world had just been created, a marvelous wonder of epic creativity, yet God knew that life would still not be good for man without the element of companionship. God gave woman to man as a gift of companionship. “That is why even in paradise, loneliness was a terrible thing.  That is why we should not be surprised to find that all the money, comforts, and pleasures in the world – our efforts to re-create a paradise for ourselves – are unable

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