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4 steps to resolve conflict in marriage

4 Steps To Resolve Conflict In Marriage

Going to church has been a vital part of the growth I have experienced in my character, in my relationship with God, and in my marriage. Over the last four years my husband and I have been attending Crossroads Church in Corona, Ca. We love our Pastor! Chuck Booher is an excellent leader and a humble servant. He teaches from the Bible and he doesn’t hold back! His messages are incredibly relevant and he shares on issues that we are in need of hearing. I believe it is crucial to learn from a mature Christian, one who is dedicated to The Lord, who is passionate about sharing the Gospel, and who is determined to live out God’s will. Pastors are a significant part of the

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A Prayer For The Pastor’s Wife

I felt called to begin a series about the Church, the bride of Christ, His people. Unveiled Wife is dedicated to discussing topics on marriage. The ultimate marriage there will ever be is the incredible uniting of Christ and His bride, the Church! So although this series is going to be a little bit different than the articles on UW, I am eager to see how God uses this series to bless you. I have been attending my church, Crossroads, for quite some time. In fact, I began going to Crossroads in 6th grade! I was invited by a friend from school and I quickly fell in love with the family of Christ. I was baptized there in the summer of ‘97. After I got

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