The Best Bra I Have Ever Worn

I don’t usually share my favorite types of fashion trends and accessories, however, I found a bra last year that has made a huge impact in my life. This may sound like an ad, but I promise that is not what this is. I honestly just wanted to share the news with you!

I have always struggled with finding the right bra size. I also dread shopping for new ones because it feels like a waste of time and money. It takes forever to find one that fits right, and then after bringing one home and wearing it for a day I end up hating it. This has been my life. 

Last year I saw an ad on Instagram for ThirdLove. I was intrigued by the way they fit you through their online process, but being fed up with local stores and even name brands that didn’t do the job well, I was hoping this brand would come through.

I’ll be honest, when I opened it up and felt the quality, I was underwhelmed. I didn’t think this bra would be anything amazing, nor did I think it would last very long.

I was proved wrong!

It has been incredible. What once use to be a pain physically and mentally, something that I was insecure about and was on my mind daily because it affects physical appearance…I found a solution! Not only is this bra super comfortable, but I don’t think about it anymore and I don’t feel insecure!

The bra I use is the 24/7 Classic Full Coverage. My shoulders and back don’t ache anymore, and with chasing after kids and all the movement I do it actually holds me in!

Check out ThirdLove, you won’t be disappointed!

I felt a little silly sharing about this, but if it helps another woman out there, then it was for a good cause! I do hope this helps you!

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