The Importance Of Community For You And Your Marriage

One of the greatest ways God healed my marriage from pain, isolation, depression and ultimately divorce was bringing other wives alongside me to encourage me, advise me, love me, and pray for me.  Being a part of a positive community that encourages growth has impacted my life and my marriage in amazing ways.

Starting a group or even participating in a group study can be a little intimidating.  I know because I have been there! A few years ago, my husband was invited to a men’s group study and every week he came home to tell me how it went.  As he shared his experience, my heart was inspired.  I wanted a place I could gather with my girlfriends and talk about real matters and talk about God.  It was then God asked me to start a group study.

I didn’t really know how to do it and I wasn’t qualified, but I had a burning desire for community and growth…so I jumped in full of faith!

At first I was a little scared of meeting with other wives and sharing with them my heart.  I was worried about what they might think.  However, as we began our small group I quickly realized they were feeling just like me!  We bonded because of our vulnerability with one another and the result was transforming.  Women need other women to share life with…wives need the affirmation and love of a community of friends they can trust – it makes the challenges of faith and marriage seem less burdensome!

It was in my living room that a few of my friends gathered each week to discuss and study God’s Word, we talked about current issues we were facing and we prayed for each other fervently.  Participating in that kind of fellowship changed me for the better and I knew I had to share our experiences with others.  The opportunity needed to be extended to other wives who are just like me.

I took what I learned as I led that group and developed Wives After God, a 12-week group study tailored just for wives.  This group study is designed to guide a leader and those participating in the group to develop deep connection with God, their husbands, and each other through the power of community.  The content provided is based on foundational Biblical principles as well as relevant marriage issues. Throughout the study are questions provided to intentionally provoke discussion, a place where understanding is gained.  There are also weekly challenges meant to help wives grow closer to God and closer to their husband.  Wives After God was the outline which inspired Wife After God, a 30-Day personal devotional, which would be a great supplement to use as you participate in the group study.

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I urge you to order your copy of Wives After God right now! All you need to know for starting a group study or participating in one is provided for you in the introduction of the book.  Take a leap of faith, jump in, and watch as your life is transformed!

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If you have lead a group through Wives After God or participated in a group study of Wives After God please leave a testimony below of your experience!

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