The Love Tickets: A Gift for Him

Several years ago an ingenious idea popped into my head. I envisioned a special Christmas gift for my husband. It took some time to plan and create, but it was well worth it. I made this gift and presented it my husband over 7 years ago and we still love using it today!


*This gift is only intended for the married couple.

The Love Tickets is a three part gift. The best way for me to describe the gift is to show you a photo of each part and then describe it to you.

Part 1: The Envelope:


Inside the envelope, my spouse found special ‘Ticket Instructions.’ I have copied the instructions and pasted them below so that you can read them. It is the best way to get an understanding of how everything works!

Ticket Instructions

In this pack you will find several tickets that you can redeem for a special sexual experience. Three tickets can be used each month. Each ticket has a title.

Each month you will have the option of choosing your sexual experience to be “His Choice” “Her Choice” and a “Surprise.” The choice is yours. His choice and her choice tickets give him/her the opportunity to choose the sexual experience.

The surprise ticket gives you the chance to draw a card out of The Barrel, it is very important that when you want to redeem a ticket that you follow these simple instructions.

The ticket needs to be placed in a special place the two of us agree upon, in order that your partner will be mentally prepared and properly groomed for the occasion.

The sexual encounter will commence after each partner has had a chance to unwind from their busy day, unless, the presenter of the ticket specifically states their desired time (morning, afternoon, or night) for the sexual encounter to occur. The initiator of the sexual encounter needs to be the person, whom the ticket states . . . his choice, the male needs to initiate, her choice, the female needs to initiate, surprise, the male needs to initiate.

My goal behind each ticket is to start having a more fun and healthy sex life. I want to make sure that you are getting all your needs met and I need to make sure that mine are too. I hope that you enjoy this crazy Christmas present.

I love you very much and I look forward to this next year together!

*disclaimer: If for any reason a ticket should be denied, the ticket is returned and usable again.

Reasons for deny are: Menstruation (period), sickness, infections, mutual consent.

Part 2: The Box


In the box, my spouse found 3 tickets for each month of the year, just as described in the instructions. The box I used to place the tickets was the container his wallet came as a previous gift. I took the time to decorate the box with reds and blacks because I guess they are the combination of love!! I hand-made the tickets. They are shaped like a tag, I am sure you can find template for the tag shape anywhere online for free. There are three cards for each month. Each card has a little note that says the month, the expiration date and one of these titles: “His Choice,” “Her Choice,” and “Surprise.” Because it took some time to make I purposefully did not include a year in the expiration date so that they can be used every year!!

Part 3: The Barrel


The barrel is the best part. I decorated an old food storage container with matching design and lined the inside with blank tissue paper so that no one can peek inside. Using little slips of paper, I wrote out our favorite positions, deeds and so on. The Barrel can only be used when the “Surprise” Ticket is in play. SO exciting!

As I am writing this out for the world to read…I want to tell you a little bit about why I made such a time consuming and eriotc gift for my husband. We were in a dry spell. It turned out that both of us were waiting for the other person to initiate and so we waited and waited and waited. We fell into a pattern and would go months without having sex because of our lack of communication. That is why, as part of the instructions, I explained who the initiator had to be. It helped both of us develop our skills. The gift also added a sense of surprise and anticipation which goes well with making love. Like I stated at the beginning, I gifted my husband with the tickets over 7 years ago and we still use it, regularly. Over time we have both added some items to the barrel, but we still love the anticipation and excitement the Love Tickets bring.

Christmas is approaching!! You have time to make one for your spouse. Trust me, it’s worth the effort!!!

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