Do you believe in the power of prayer in marriage?


Prayer is very important to me, for personal growth in my faith, for marital growth and to align my relationship with God, and also for ministry growth, which is why I try to commit to posting a Prayer Of The Day For Wives & Marriage.  I love receiving testimonies from other wives sharing with me how the prayers I post have encouraged them and have been ever so timely!  I give God all the glory!! He is the one who inspires the words, giving me the time to be able to share these prayers with all of you!  Below is a testimony of a woman who recently expressed how valuable the prayers have been in her life!  I hope you are just as encouraged as I was when I read her letter!


Thank you for your emails. I cannot count the number of times that the prayers have been the words I have wanted to express but not know how. As a matter of fact, me discovering your ministry is a God thing and God timing. I was contemplating walking away from my marriage. Your messages speak to me right where I am in my marriage. It’s a hard season. We are healing from past hurts we did to each other and other life events. Your prayers are a beacon of light, just one example is the prayer from 9/6/12. My thoughts had been consumed about whether my husband would find a job soon and the stability of my job. How we could continue to support my daughter in college and son at home. Where would money come from. And also looking at the bank account that is really, really low. But your message of encouragement and reminder to trust in God’s economy was timely. Thank you for your ministry.

Here is another testimony of how prayer has made a difference in marriage, recently posted on the UW Facebook Wall:


I am so honored that God has entrusted this ministry to me.  I am so blessed to be able to serve through this blog, to reach out and encourage wives, to be a ministry of reconciliation!  I just want you all to know that I am praying for your marriages and my hope and passion is that your marriages are fulfilled in God!  May you be blessed today! 

And THANK YOU!  Thank you for supporting Unveiled Wife, for sharing the message with others, and for letting me know how it has impacted your life and your marriage! I love you all!!

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