To Katie On Her Wedding Day

My Dear Beautiful Sister,

Today is the day you dreamed of since you were a little girl. As your big sister I wish I could see how beautiful you’ll look in your dress that mommy made. I know I can’t be there but I have had such an awesome opportunity to watch you become an amazing, Godly, beautiful, woman.  Your husband is truly getting a jewel far above rubies. I have to say that growing up with you as my little sister at times has been tough but most of the time I considered you to be my best friend. You stood by me on my special day ten years ago and today even though I am 3,000 miles away I am still standing by you. Oh how I love the woman you have become and I know that you will blossom into an amazing wife. As a wife and mother of 5 some amazing women passed on some amazing things to remember when times get tough and when times are amazing. Let me share some with you.

Make prayer your everyday tool! When his feet stink, when the toaster burns your toast, when the washer stops working, take it to God in prayer. When you pray unceasingly even about things that may be silly it gets you and keeps you positive in attitude and in tune with our Heavenly Father.

You are now serving The Lord together and when you are right with God, satan hates it and your marriage will be attacked. However, if you continue to pray with and for your spouse through the attacks its worth knowing that there are blessings on the other side of each one.

There are going to be times where one of you may be going through something and you don’t know how to help the other one. Maybe it leaves you feeling alone because the issue is keeping you distant. Pray. Pray for each other. Don’t be afraid to ask how you can pray for your spouse.spoil

“Spoil your husband not your kids!” Grammy shared this with me.  When kids are added to your little family if you openly show your spouse that you love him, your kids will pay attention and learn that love is all about giving not receiving.

There will be times where you feel like you have given all you have and you receive nothing in return. Remember that Christ gave His life for you He truly gave it all. God called you to love this man in his humanism regardless of any flaw. Marriage is not just a commitment it’s a calling.

When things are going great make sure you drop to your knees at your bedside at night and thank Him. Give God the Glory!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for blessing me with a wonderful sister and a brother-in-law who will treat her like a princess. Keep them in your hand. Guide them and give them challenges that will make them work together so that their marriage will deepen and their love for each other and their love for you will grow. Thank you for calling them together. Show them what the true meaning of “cleaving” is. I pray that you remind them daily to keep you the Center of their marriage. Bless them with children. Oh what amazing parents they will be. They both have already been an amazing aunt and uncle. When they are done with all the festivities of this amazing day and they are alone for the first time remind them to take a minute to thank You together. Lord thank you for bringing us a new brother to welcome to this crazy family. Bless everyone involved in today’s amazingness. Most of all help my sister to feel me there, loving her. Proud of her. Praying for her on her wedding day. In Jesus’ beautiful name Amen!

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