Utilizing Pinterest To Find Gifts For My Husband


I just wanted to share a way I use Pinterest to find gifts for my husband.

Finding gifts for my husband can be challenging! I created a few boards on Pinterest to help me in this area of marriage.  One is “Gift Ideas For My Husband” and the other is “Things My Husband Likes” – to these boards I pin anything that I think my husband will like and appreciate. I pin everything from DIY gifts that will show my love, to foods my husband favors, to products he may need, such as shoes or clothes.


My husband has access to these boards and I encourage him to check them out and pin to them, giving me an even more accurate idea of things he would appreciate and value.

It is easy to give someone access to pin to your boards… You can give them your login to Pinterest or if they have their own account just simply edit board and invite them to pin by adding their e-mail address. (Example below)


Pinterest is a great tool to use to get ideas from and to gather them in an organized place. As the boards grow with content you will have a plethora of ideas to choose from if and when you want to give a gift to your husband, whether for Christmas, an anniversary, birthday, or any other occasion.

You can randomly pin things you come across as you stumble through your Pinterest feed, you can specifically search “Gift Ideas For My Husband” and see what others are pinning, or you add the PIN IT button to your Bookmark bar and use it when you check out sites when searching for gifts for your husband.

I also added a board called “Love List” which I pin things to that I would appreciate as gifts.  I let my husband know that if he ever needs inspiration or a small hint of what I may be interested in he can use that board as a reference!

If you are not already on Pinterest utilizing it as a resource, I highly encourage you to sign-up now!  Just beware pinning can be very addicting!

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Happy Pinning!

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