Wednesday Rant – Making Decisions & Staying In God’s Will

Have you ever been faced with having to make a big decision?

Have you ever had to make a few different decisions at once?

In your marriage, what is your process for making big decisions?

My husband and I have been in an interesting season in our life.  We have both been faced with making big decisions in regards to our careers… and its not just that we have to choose one of two options… it seems like there are quite a few doors opening all at once.

Our process has always been to PRAY and then pray some more, maybe some fasting and then if we still aren’t totally sure our default is to just keep praying.  We have always trusted God to direct our steps and confirm within us the direction of our lives.

We know that God has given us a wide variety of talents and abilities, which we are very grateful for!  We also have always believed that we would live extraordinary lives through Christ!  Nothing has changed:)  We still live according to God’s leadership and trust that He will use the talents He gave us to complete the purpose He prepared for us in advance!

However, this season of “options” has thrown us for a loop!  It seems like no matter what we choose we will be in God’s will for us, but we would rather He was a bit more specific in helping us in the decision making process.  We keep questioning if He is telling us and we are not getting it, or not hearing Him clearly.  Our deepest desire is to do what God wants us to do.

Up to this point in our lives, in our marriage, we feel pretty successful.  Well, let me explain… not successful in the world’s view of success, we don’t have much money and we live simply, but we have zero debt, our walks with God are continually growing and our marriage keeps getting better and better:)

Yet a small part of me is afraid that we will end up making a poor decision.  Do you ever get scared?  What worries me is the transition period and I guess failing.  Those fears get released when I respond to my husband and I can see his face droop. Then again I seem to being using words that should never be in a Christian’s vocabulary: afraid, scared, worries, failing and fears.  Ok..ok… I just need to LET GO and LET GOD! I know my husband needs my affirming support and I don’t want to hold that back from him.  I need to remember that God is “Jehovah Jireh” my provider!

If you have any tips or encouragements for hearing God and making decisions according to His will, please share!  Also, if you can lift me and my husband up in prayer that would be greatly appreciated!

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