Wednesday Rant – Time Is Of The Essence

20110413-102717.jpgTime is an ongoing force pulling us into the future. It can’t be slowed, stopped or sped up. It IS what it IS. A constant tempo that keeps our chaotic life on a universal beat. Why does it feel like the older I get, the faster time seems to pass in a day, when it’s been the same all along? I often find myself stressed out with high anxiety when attempting to plan my week, because there is not enough time to do all the things I wish to do. Lately, I have felt this way towards my blog. Being very sick and then out of country the last two weeks, jumping back into work right away, while still trying to unpack, has left me frazzled. My desire to post articles is so intense, yet I have had no time to pour into it and it makes me feel like I’m drowning… I practically am beneath the layers of clothes scattered throughout my house waiting to be washed.

I know I’m not the only one who feels like time is not on my side. I always hear complaints from women that they can’t pick up a hobby, workout, or join a bible study because there is no time in their schedules. I get it. The pressure is not pleasant. However, when we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed and our lives become consumed with scheduling based on available time, we often neglect one of the highest priorities God has gifted to us… our husbands! They are forced to go without our affections, our affirmations, our undivided attention. Women can multitask very well, but if our heart is not 110% given to our husband on a daily basis, how can we possibly expect any more from him… which we do. It is very important to acknowledge our priorities every single day and submit our plans to God.

In Matthew 11:28 Jesus says “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden , and I will give you rest.” We need to trust God and let him know what we are going through, how we are feeling and ask Him for help when it comes to time management. There is power in prayer and God is waiting to hear from us! I struggle with this very much, but I want to make an effort to be better. And to my husband: I am so sorry for the last few days of chaos I have spun into our life, I love you so much and appreciate all of your encouragement and patience! Ladies let’s do our spouses a huge favor and get lost in love with them again… forget about how much time it’s going to take or how much sleep it’s going to take away… Let’s also find an encouraging word to lift him up today!

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