Wife vs The Laundry

Growing up “the laundry” was most commonly in reference to the gigantic, colorful pile of dirty clothes that lay exaggeratedly, sprawled out on the garage floor at the base of the washing machine.  To make any sort of dent in the mound took a family of 7 and 6 hours at the local laundry mat.  It wasn’t as if our washer was broken, but my parents worked opposite hours at full-time jobs and none of us wanted to try and tackle the loads on our own, until of course we were all out of underwear!

When I became a wife, I assumed the role of laundry-doer!  Ok I was forced to assume it, not because my husband is not willing to help, but rather for the sake of our wardrobe.  My husband has this theory that it is not necessary to separate lights and darks, because if the lights fade a little, our clothes will match better.  For example, washing a pair of jeans with lighter colored shirts may tint the shirts blue.  My husband thinks that the bluer the shirt, the more it will match the jeans!  He really explained this to me one time!

There was this other incident that occurred which encouraged me to be in control when it comes to doing the laundry.  We were still in our first year of marriage when I had spent about $150 on new shirts and dresses.  Before I even had time to enjoy them, I came home from work only to discover my new clothes had been shrunk and were now two sizes to small!  I know his intentions were true, but it was hard to trust him after that.

We have been married for over four years now.  Just recently we moved into apartments that have a washer and dryer unit, the old school kind with the spinner-tower-thing in the middle of it.  Anyways, we have always used Arm n Hammer liquid detergent because my husband has ultra sensitive skin and the color of it happens to be blue.  With the different style washer than what we normally used, I went ahead and poured the detergent over our clothes, not realizing that my process was leaving blue stains all over them!

I was talking to a friend of mine who has only been a wife for a couple of months.  She was sharing with me how she felt so bad because she ruined a ton of her husband’s nice button-ups the same way I had stained our clothes.  I told her that I recently did the same exact thing and we shared a laugh over it!

There are going to be times when we mess each other’s clothes up, or when we make unwise decisions, and we will experience moments of hardships in marriage that will challenge the trust between husband and wife.  We need to remember that we are all capable of making mistakes, we all fall short, and we all need to be given the opportunity to be trusted again!

Remember, God calls us to love and respect each other!  Everything in the house should be done as a team, in a love relationship, where giving trust to your spouse with certain responsibilities doesn’t come without a little grace!

Do you have a funny story of when you messed up the laundry or anything else in marriage? Please share in the comments and let me and my friend know we are not alone! 🙂

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