Why Should I Blog? 10 Reasons You Should Start A Blog Today

Why-Should-I-Blog--10-Reasons-You-Should-Start-A-Blog-TodayI heard a stat recently that estimated there are over 200,000 blogs started each day. That means there is a vast number of fish in the online sea. But I don’t share that to discourage those of you who want to start a blog and have yet to do so. I mention it because it shows the value of blogging. People like to blog and people like to read blogs. Plain and simple.

People are starting blogs for various purposes. Each and every blogger defines differently how blogging is valuable to them. And each and every blogger started for different reasons.

With hundreds of thousands of blogs starting each day, I wonder if you have been confronted with the question:

Why Should I Blog?

When my husband approached me and encouraged me to start a blog, I asked myself that very question. Back then, before I ever started blogging and along this journey I have been on for four years I have found several reasons why I should blog and why you should too.

Here Are My 10 Reasons To Start A Blog Today:

  1. You have a story to tell.

I started blogging to share my marriage story. God revealed a huge discovery to my husband and me that radically transformed our ability to have sex. You can imagine how this impacted our marriage. I wanted to use my blog to share this discovery in case other wives struggled in this area of marriage like I had.

We all have a story to tell. Although our stories are unique from one another (which is a great way to distinguish yourself from other bloggers) readers can relate to parts of your story which is a benefit and blessing to them.

My suggestion to you is to start a blog to share your story.

  1. You are passionate about writing.

I feel like I was born to write. I find joy in writing and I feel like it is something I could do for the rest of my life. Naturally, blogging was a great way for me to exercise my mind and gave me an outlet for my passion to write.

If you love to write, I say do it often. Then hit publish so others can enjoy your work! The longer you stick with it, the more practice time you put in, you will mature into a better writer.

  1. You want to make money.

I never started blogging to make money, but if that is your goal I see nothing wrong with that. Just as anyone pursues a job, blogging can definitely be a great source of income. You can make passive income or put in the hours and energy to make it a lucrative source of income. It really depends on what you want and what it costs you to get there. Building a blog can cost as little as a few bucks when you start, to thousands of dollars when you add more features and have a growing reader lists. For example, I have a subscriber list of over 90,000 readers who get my daily prayer email for free, but I pay $1,300 per month just to maintain that email service because of how many people I send an email to daily. Getting to a place where your blog makes money may be necessary just to keep your blog live.

One thing I do want to add about making money with blogging, is keep it balanced. Do not be a blogger who blogs to take from your community. Be intentional about providing exceptional content that is a great reward for your readers. Cautiously consider the different ways to make money blogging and how it impacts your readers to determine if that avenue (ads, products, membership, ect) is what you should do.

  1. You are online anyways.

When I began blogging I was already pouring in hours online building a photography business with my husband. We had a website and blog that we maintained to market our photography business. We were spending a ton of time online and on social media.

Social media is an important aspect of blogging. Through social media is how your content is shared. Being online is a great place and the only place for you to start blogging.

  1. You desire new life opportunities.

My husband and I have had some really unique and amazing opportunities come our way because we blog. Building relationships with other bloggers, getting a book deal, traveling to different states, hosting meet-ups to meet readers in real life, doing interviews on tv, radio and podcasts, and attending some blogging conferences are just a few of those opportunities.

Do you feel stuck? Do you feel like life is not exciting enough? Start blogging and see how quickly new life opportunities come your way!

  1. You want to establish a reputation.

This was not a goal in mind when I started blogging, however, I learned that through blogging one can establish a reputation. A reputation is a social evaluation and perception of an individual or organization. Based on what I write and how I communicate/engage online, my reputation as a Christian Marriage Blogger was established.

If you start a blog, you will establish a reputation. If you desire people to get to know you as a friend, if you have a goal to have a position that is in the public presence, or if you want to be known for a specific message, start a blog!

  1. You love social media.

Remember Myspace? That was my first experience with social media, perhaps it was yours too. Being able to share about yourself online and engage with others is fun and oftentimes a bit addictive.

I’d say, if you love social media, you are already utilizing platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, and have people following you, you could easily set up a blog to go right along with it…an extension of who you are. With social media and posting updates you are already micro-blogging, so you have experience! The great thing about having a blog is you can go deeper, you have more room to write and you can organize everything better.

  1. You want to heal from a past experience.

When I created Unveiled Wife I viewed it as an online journal. My hope was to process what I was learning as a wife. What I learned through sharing on blog was that I was healing from past experiences. The process of writing out situations that stir up emotions and sometimes pain, can also lead to reconciliation and healing in the heart. I also learned that as I share vulnerable moments from my past, readers were receptive and caring, leaving me comments that included prayers and encouragement. They shared words that were healing to my soul.

Writing about the traumatic and dramatic in life can help process the events and bring us to a place of understanding and resolution.

  1. You want to inspire others.

Being an encouragement to other wives was a top priority that motivated me to start my blog. I wanted to inspire women in their role as wives. I have found intrinsic reward doing this and it has a fuel my passion to continue doing it for years now.

Do you have a desire to inspire others? If so, I believe utilizing a blog is the perfect way to do that! It provides access for people to hear what you have to say. And because it is your blog, you have the control over what inspiring messages are shared. Be a blessing to others and start blogging.

  1. You desire to be used by God.

I never would have considered the ways in which God has used me through blogging.I had a desire for Him to be glorified, but I never knew God could use my commitment to blogging and the things I write about to turn reader’s hearts toward Him and to help heal marriages. What began as a blog has turned into a ministry that God uses on a daily basis.

This is the most important reasons why you should start blogging! If you desire to be used by God, to glorify Him and to help others know Him more, then start a blog and share about Him! You will find that this is the most rewarding part about blogging there is.

I have shared with you reasons I believe you should start a blog, but I am curious…why do you think you should start a blog? Leave a comment sharing!

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