Wives After God: 12 Week Small Group Study

I was looking for authentic community. I was hoping to build strong friendships with other wives. I was in need of conversation that didn’t shy away from significant marriage topics and how God’s Word applies to our lives.

That is when I invited a few other wives to join me, to come to my house and to spend time searching scripture and talking about our perspectives of marriage, as well as what we can do better in our roles as wives.

These friends came once a week for 3 months straight. Our dedication to study and experience fellowship was immense. Every single one of us grew leaps and bounds in our understanding of our calling as wives.

It was beautiful.

I wanted other wives to be able to do this. I wanted to inspire wives to invite others to join them to share in this experience. I also wanted any wife to feel capable of leading such a group.


So I took the content my friends and I discovered from our 3 months together in my living room and I put together a 12-week small group study titled:

Wives After God: Encouraging Each Other In Faith & Marriage

If you want to facilitate a group or you want to just participate in one, everyone uses the same book! It’s easy to understand and has some great features, including,

  • Unique Topics
  • Discussion Questions
  • Marriage Challenges
  • Weekly Assignments
  • Extra Fun Activities

One of my favorite “extra” things in this study is being encouraged to have all the wives plan and prepare an evening of food and fellowship with their husbands. Toward the end of the 12 weeks my group spent time planning out what we would make for dinner and handmade invitations for our husbands. When the night came it was a fun time to dress up, serve our spouses, talk about how we grew as a group and what we had learned. It was also a joy to hear from the husband’s the change they had seen in each of us!

 Download Session 1

If you need fellowship with other wives on a weekly basis, face-to-face, in the comfort of your living room, then please do not hesitate to grab a copy of this group study!

If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine…” – John 8:31

Grab a copy of  Wives After God!

I used the content from this group study to inspire the personal 30-day devotional Wife After God. Thousands of wives have already taken this challenge!

Grab a copy of  Wife After God!

Wives After God: Weekly Devotions For Faith Life & Marriage!

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