Writen by: Unveiled Wife On August 21, 2012

Letter To My Husband – Simply. I Love You.

Dear Zach,

You prayed for a woman that would challenge you and you just didn’t know what God was bringing your way! Our life paths had led us to each other and, although I shouldn’t be, I am amazed at our Soverign God! He’s gone behind and ahead of us, before we were ever born. You were made for me and I for you.

You challenge me. You are patient with me. You hold me with loving arms. You laugh with me. You cry with me. You surprise me. You cherish me. You pray for me…and that’s the absolute best. Nothing comes close to the unity there is in our trinity of love. God united us and we chose to place Him at the center.

I could not ask for a better husband. Thank you for caring for my life more than yours and caring for placing the Almighty Creator at the center of your world.

Simply. I love you.

Love Your Wife, Becky


Unveiled Wife

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