Prayer: Rebuilding Intimacy In Marriage

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Dear God,

Intimacy can be so challenging in marriage for so many reasons. Husbands and wives experience droughts of intimacy because of issues such as tension, lack of time, interference of little ones,¬†forgetfulness, lack of interest, etc. No matter why couples are not intentionally being intimate, You created us to have a need to be intimate, and when that doesn’t occur with a spouse, the temptation for it elsewhere arises. We pray that You would help us to initiate and rebuild intimacy in our marriages. We pray that we would understand intimacy better, the need You designed us with, and the importance of how it promotes oneness in marriage. Please Lord, help us get past the initial obstacles that keep us from intimacy, granting us the courage and the motivation to be intentional in our marriages in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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