2015 IS HERE! And many of us, if not all of us, have made resolutions that will help us become the women we desire to be, the women God desires us to be! Some of us may have even made marriage resolutions or set goals to make a positive difference as a wife in the new year. If you haven’t, it is not too late to consider some! My heart and passion is to encourage wives to fulfill their role in marriage, to understand the God-given purpose we have as wives, and to challenge us all to embrace intimacy in […]

The music industry, just like television and other creative outlets that have fueled the platforms of celebrities, has been increasingly very accepting of crude behavior over the last decade.  It is unfortunate that these industries are not just accepting, but promote and glamorize unbecoming behavior that is then exposed to the world, especially young and impressionable generations that are being influenced on a daily basis; their moral compass spinning crazily as they juggle judgements of what is actually appropriate. I am so thankful for the talented musicians who are willing to share their passion for music while upholding a standard […]

I had the opportunity to participate in a podcast with my publisher Tyndale Momentum about the content of my book The Unveiled Wife: Embracing Intimacy With God And Your Husband. In the middle of it I said something I had never heard myself say before. It was inspiring to my faith and I hope by sharing it with you, it encourages you in your marriage. Without even thinking it all the way through, these words tumbled out of my mouth, There is no such thing as a perfect life, just a perfect Christ!” As much as I desired to be […]

Marriage is a fantastic blessing, but there is no doubt it has hard seasons that test your love and character. I have been a wife for eight years and when I think back to what we did during the engagement period before my husband and I vowed to be together, there were a few foundational things that positively impacted our relationship and helped carry us through marriage when we faced those hard seasons as husband and wife. For anyone who is dating, courting, preparing for marriage, engaged with a set date, or already married…I strongly believe implementing these three things […]

I want to introduce a friend of mine to you…her name is Karen Ehman and I am honored to have her sharing on the blog. I admire Karen and her passion to live life God’s way! Her encouragement in this article is necessary for all wives and it is the theme for her newest book Keep It Shut! There is a free online bible study beginning January 26th through Proverbs31Ministries.com based on her book! Details to sign-up for that can be found HERE! Karen writes: I’m not gonna lie. I get mad at my husband sometimes. Really, really, REALLY mad. […]

The world’s economy is an ever-escalating mound of debt. There are several reasons I believe the debt bubble is so great – let me preface with the fact not one of these are a “bad” thing, just a fact that they have contributed to the debt in our society in some way. These reasons include: Advances in technology. Being able to swipe a visa card is easier than feeling the hard-earned paper bills leaving your wallet. With a debit card you don’t even need to glance at the total purchase when checking out at target, where if we still lived […]

Writing a book is a daunting task. No matter how many times I wanted to push the idea away and run in the other direction, the need to write would flood my heart along with God’s extraordinary peace. He reminded me time and time again not to fear, and that my words would be an encouragement to other wives. I accepted the challenge, swallowed the knot in my throat, hovered my sweaty palms over my keyboard, and began the journey of writing my book. Throughout each page I penned my marriage story, the hardships and the joy, the moments we […]

With the excitement growing around my new book The Unveiled Wife, due to release March 2015, I could not wait to dive into the production of the book trailer. I viewed the book trailer as an opportunity to share with the world the message of the book in a very creative way that would deeply touch people’s hearts. I spent hours contemplating, dreaming, and praying how God wanted this project to come together. My hope is that it is captivating, relatable, and encourages wives in a beautiful way…all while building the excitement for the release of the book! Being a part […]

My husband recently wrote an article for other husbands inspiring them with 3 unique ways to grow their faith in 2015. I loved the ideas he shared on his blog and the purpose it serves to encourage others in their faith, so I wanted to share a few ways wives can grow their faith in 2015! As I sat down to consider all the different ways a wife can be inspired to grow in her faith, these 5 ways listed below are the ones I felt very strong about to share: Get connected with She Reads Truth. This is an […]

It is amazing to me how much my closest relationships challenge me to be better. At first it hurt me because I did not want to accept a less than perfect image of myself. I did not like knowing that I was – and am – in need of improvement. It seems as if I get to a place where I am content with myself or believe I am spiritually “on the right track,” that is exactly when my relationship with my husband or my son tests me and stretches me in ways I didn’t know I could or would […]

I had the privilege of meeting Sally Clarkson early last year. As I was waiting with a few other women, including her daughter in a conference room where she was hosting Mom Heart, our chatting was interrupted by a light-hearted lyric being sung by Sally as she entered the room dancing and skipping with joy overflowing. This first impression made me smile from ear to ear. I have been blessed getting to know Sally all the more this last year. She is real, humble, passionate, and joyful. The light of Christ radiates from her, as does her sincere concern and […]

My husband and I agreed years ago that we would say “I forgive you” when attempting to reconcile in marriage. I use to use phrases such as: It’s fine.      Okay.            Sure.                  Whatever. Okay being one of the most used of the bunch. However, if either of us ever avoided the word “forgive” the conflict always resurfaced and triggered another argument. Forgive represents resolute, finished, completed. Without the acknowledgement of that word, our tender hearts could never fully reconcile because the wounds of offense still oozing. […]

Juana writes from her heart as she exposes her journey of marriage brokenness and reconciliation, giving readers hope for the future and motivation to embrace true intimacy with God. This story is captivating because Juana details her thoughts and emotions which led her to walk away from her marriage for a time, thoughts and emotions that many wives encounter daily. Her honesty and transparency is a rare treasure, allowing others the chance to relate and not feel so alone in marital struggles. Juana’s words are full of life-giving encouragement, just the kind of inspiration couples desperately need today. – Jennifer […]

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