2015 IS HERE! And many of us, if not all of us, have made resolutions that will help us become the women we desire to be, the women God desires us to be! Some of us may have even made marriage resolutions or set goals to make a positive difference as a wife in the new year. If you haven’t, it is not too late to consider some! My heart and passion is to encourage wives to fulfill their role in marriage, to understand the God-given purpose we have as wives, and to challenge us all to embrace intimacy in […]

I want to share with you an honest reflection of 6 years of marriage from a wife who admits she is still learning how to be married. I love her perspective and the encouragement she shares. Her name is Felicia Walters and she blogs at fewalters.wordpress.com. If anything she says resonates with you, no matter how long you have been married, please take a moment to leave a comment! Felicia writes: Today I celebrated the fact that I have had the honor of being married to my wonderful husband for 6 years. I didn’t wake up with the wonder and […]

This is a testimony from another wife in the Unveiled Wife community who felt compelled to share the most difficult moment in her marriage surrounding the topic of pornography, passionately desiring to give others hope who are facing the same devastation! Robi writes: (This article discusses my first encounter with my husband’s pornography addiction. At that time, I felt very alone and sometimes I still feel like there are no other Christian wives that go through this pain. Yet, I know there are many wives that are experiencing this difficult trial in marriage. I pray and hope to unite wives that […]

I am 35 weeks pregnant with our second child. I am in awe of the way God intricately designed our bodies to carry children, as well as His beautiful design of family. The older I get, the more grateful I am for the beauty of marriage and parenting. I have some incredible women in my life who celebrated my role as a mother and the life of this child with a baby shower just a few weeks ago. Right before opening up the most thoughtful gifts for the baby, everyone went around and shared some of their best advice to […]

I am honored to be sharing a testimonial from Lara Casey about how the impossible is possible! She is real and transparent about what led to the breakdown of her marriage, but then explains how it was healed! And it had to do with being unveiled. This is a must read for every marriage!  If you want to hear more of Lara’s story in depth and really find encouragement for life her book, Make It Happen, is available in the Unveiled Wife Store: click here. Lara writes: The light flashed green on my dreams, so I pressed my foot on the […]

In January 2007 my husband and I got married! By late April we were on our way to Livingstone, Zambia in Africa for a four month adventure with Overland Missions. This was my first overseas mission trip and I was not quite sure what to expect, but I was so excited to be experiencing it with my husband. I share more in depth what we encountered while in Africa in my book The Unveiled Wife, including the fears I had, the jealousy that flared up in my heart, and separation anxiety from being so far away from my family. This […]

Bad news is like a toxin that overwhelms our soul and then tries to strip us of our joy. Seeping into our hearts, it leaves us wondering what will happen to us, and sometimes stirs doubt for how God will help us through whatever circumstance we are facing. Would you agree?   I have not shared all that has happened in my personal life the last two months, but I have experienced the ugly side of bad news, including the death of a family member, unexpected financial issues, a 30-day notice to move, and the new house we moved into […]

The Unveiled Wife book is based on a true story…my story…and everything I detail within the pages of that book all happened just like I recorded them. I wanted to share with those of you who now are familiar with my story, a treasure that many have commented about saying that it melted their heart. I explain in Chapter 3 of The Unveiled Wife that my friend at the time, Aaron, handed me the most thoughtful birthday present. My response to his gift was this: There are certain moments that you cherish forever, ones that strike you to the core of […]

In my book, The Unveiled Wife, specifically in Chapter 25 “The Getaway” I mention a story from my marriage where my husband and I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding in Maui. We were looking forward to the joyous celebration we would document, but we also hoped that getting away to Maui would be a time of healing and encountering intimacy in our relationship. During that time in our life, I never would have considered how to help another wife going through the ups and downs encountered in marriage. I was too self-focused and too concerned with discovering healing […]

Does the Bible talk about blogging? I am confident that the verses I share in this article are critical for Christian bloggers to know, meditate on, and pray about as they aim to pour their hearts out through the blogging process. Whether you love to write, video blog, podcast, or share graphics, I believe these verses are essential to establishing a faithful and righteous blogging presence online. May they also serve to encourage you on this sometimes seemingly isolating journey! 1. Blogging Is The Gift Of Encouragement. But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called “Today,” so that none […]

Delight Your Marriage reached out to me about coming on their podcast to share about my marriage and what I experienced that led me write The Unveiled Wife. You can learn a ton about me and my story through my writing on this blog or in my book, but you can hear my heart through listening when I share about shows I have been on. I pray and hope this podcast that was recorded blesses you! {Listen to DYM Episode 6: Heartache Transformed Through Uncomfortable Honesty with Jen Smith} In Part 2 I share about how there is no such […]

Do things just happen to you? When you have a negative attitude, does it just happen to you? Do you believe you are a victim of your attitude? This was brought up in conversation with a few other wives when we were talking about how our attitude influences and affects our entire home. I thought back to the times I have snapped at my husband or son out of a build up of frustration for certain circumstances that were happening. But what was my take on those situations? I seem to want to justify that I am irritated because of […]

I had the privilege of meeting Amanda and Ann-Renee at SheSpeaks last summer. They are two women so full of joy who desire to serve God and love others with passion. They have a blog/podcast called The Masterpiece Mom and they had me on as their very first guest recently. I wanted to share with you the link to the podcast so you could tune into the conversation! We talked about motherhood, how my son is my gift from God, expecting my second child, about my roles as a mom and a wife, and about my new book The Unveiled […]

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