2015 IS HERE! And many of us, if not all of us, have made resolutions that will help us become the women we desire to be, the women God desires us to be! Some of us may have even made marriage resolutions or set goals to make a positive difference as a wife in the new year. If you haven’t, it is not too late to consider some! My heart and passion is to encourage wives to fulfill their role in marriage, to understand the God-given purpose we have as wives, and to challenge us all to embrace intimacy in […]

I had a wife email me, asking me how I got over the pain from my husband confessing his addiction to pornography. It took me a minute to figure out how to respond to her. I wanted to share with her because I know in my heart I truly forgive my husband and I have been able to move past the offenses. I also wanted to encourage her because my husband and I are more intimate in our marriage now, than we ever have been…and I hoped that her and her husband could attain that too. I know God has healed […]

My daughter is two months old! I cannot believe how quickly time has flown by. I shared about her birth story HERE if you are interested. Her name is Olive. Olive will learn about marriage directly by how my husband and I interact with each other. I desire her to have a positive perspective about marriage and to know what her role is as a wife for when she marries. I recently wrote an article for All Mom Does sharing 3 Things I Want My Daughter To Know About Marriage. These are the top priorities I hope to teach my […]

I heard a stat recently that estimated there are over 200,000 blogs started each day. That means there is a vast number of fish in the online sea. But I don’t share that to discourage those of you who want to start a blog and have yet to do so. I mention it because it shows the value of blogging. People like to blog and people like to read blogs. Plain and simple. People are starting blogs for various purposes. Each and every blogger defines differently how blogging is valuable to them. And each and every blogger started for different […]

There is a very real spiritual battle going on and all of our marriages are targets for destruction. The enemy is relentlessly warring against us, aiming to breakdown our marriages. We need to stand strong and we need to be actively defending and protecting what is ours, what is God’s. We need to fight for our marriages. We need to fortify our marriages and strengthen our love with our spouse so that when attacks come, we are prepared to hang on through any circumstance. We do this by initiating intimacy and intentionally pursuing one another, always. This summer my husband […]

My husband and I proactively protect our marriage. Our love and trust for one another have grown over the years, and I believe that there are specific things we have done to foster that growth. Today, I want to share one of those ways with you. My husband and I know that our flesh is weak and that we are capable of sinning against one another. We also know that the enemy will do everything in his power to tempt our flesh to sin against one another. With this in mind, we have always agreed to keep a Zero Privacy Policy. […]

This is a guest article written by a wife named Joelle. Her transparency about marriage reveals a situation that many wives have experienced before, but she provides a profound way of addressing the issue. Be sure to read the whole article and leave Joelle a comment to share your thoughts with her! Joelle also writes at patiencefaithreward.com. Joelle writes: I had just spent the last hour in the car, driving with complete silence. I had lost myself in my thoughts and I assumed my husband had as well. I was 8 months pregnant with our second and I wasn’t feeling well. […]

Dear Lance, It still amazes me that 20 years ago when we met, both of us were so lost. Our world was full of darkness and nothing good. And yet God had a plan for us. Little did I know that the moment you walked into my life, I would never be the same. It took us a little bit of time to figure out that all we wanted was each other. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t stop at least one time and thank God for you. It hasn’t been easy for us at times. […]

Since openly taking a stand against harmful ingredients in our personal care products, I have had a few mamas ask me what type of products I use for my babies. I am happy to share! The skin is the largest organ on the body. The purpose of skin is significant, there is no question about it. Yet, so often the skin gets overlooked. We concern ourselves with what we eat, what we wear, what we use to clean the house… but are we concerned about the health of our skin?  Back in the day, I was using tons of different personal […]

I have been writing on Unveiled Wife since March 2011. I committed to honestly write about my journey of being a Christian wife and the things I am learning about on the way. There have been some incredible discoveries God has allowed me to see about my character; some through reading His word and others through interactions with my husband. I have shared many of them with you through this blog. Here is a short list of some of the most life changing realizations I have come to: Breaking The Silence To Tell My Husband What I Was Hiding Listening […]

My husband and I recently instated a morning time of intimacy with coffee and tea tradition. We get up a bit earlier than usual and sit across from each other. We read God’s Word, talk about it and pray. It has been influential in setting the tone in our relationship for the day. The third morning in, I could not stop thinking about something I had been avoiding. I had been hiding something from my husband and I knew I needed to break the silence, especially after hearing my husband read a Psalm and a Proverb. It was as if […]

Dear husband, Baby you are so amazing. I can’t begin to explain how much you have changed me. In the beginning we had so many people thinking we would never last. God laughed in their face because I know He put us together and has a plan for us. You never turned away from my love even when I gave you reason to do so. You accepted me and showed me it is okay to be loved. You love me in a way that’s so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes. When we said our vows I meant it […]

My son loves ice cream. However, he has always been extremely sensitive to dairy. When we go for a visit to the local ice cream shop he always asks for “orange” ice cream. I order him the mango sorbet, which is dairy-free, and it has become his favorite. The other day I stumbled upon a DIY orange creamsicle recipe on Pinterest. I thought it would be fun to make actual orange flavored ice cream and give my son something new and healthy to try! The original recipe can be found here: SuperHealthyKids.com …but I did adapt it, so I will […]

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