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29 Unique Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Your Husband

As Valentine’s Day approaches I put together a list of unique gift ideas for wives like me, who need a little help in the planning department.  I hope this list encourages you and sparks some neat ways you can bless your husband this year! Most of these were gift ideas I thought of based on my husband’s interests.  If you have more to add based on your husband’s interests please share in the comments below!

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29 Unique Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Your Husband

1. Scratch Off Map


This is a fun way to celebrate all the different places he has been or where you have been together! When you have explored a part of the world you just scratch away to mark where you have been!

2. Journal


This leather bound journal would be a great gift to encourage your husband to express all that he is experiencing through writing.  You can also explain how he can use it as a prayer journal or to write down what God has been teaching him lately. Add a personal touch with an a note from you on the inside!

3. Beard Coffee Table Book


There is a trend with beards happening and men love having conversations about it.  This coffee table book is just one more way to enjoy the conversation as it showcases all kinds of facial hair artistry.

4. Survival Kit in a Sardine Can


Every guy likes to know he is capable of fixing anything or overcoming any obstacle.  Being equipped with a survival kit can help your man do just that! I can’t believe how much can fit into a sardine can and I am not too sure how to use all of the contents provided, but I am sure our guys can.

5. Man Candle


Because guys like to smell good too! This is anything but roses or potpourri! This specific scent was formulated based off an Italian supercar maker’s leather component!

6. Wooden Earbuds


Yes there is another trend going on where everyday plastic objects are made of wood. Many men like the clean look and feel of anything wooden so why not gift them with a pair of wooden earbuds.

7. Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby


My husband and I have both been through this devotional and highly recommend it.  This book will be an incredible source of inspiration and encouragement for your man’s walk with God.

8. Pine Tar Soap


All natural soap good for bathing, shampooing, and conditioning. It is described as being helpful on skin irritations including psoriasis and eczema. There are no added fragrances or colors.

9. “I Love My Wife” T-Shirt


I still can’t tell if this is a gift for him or you?! It will surely benefit both of you while sending out a positive message of marriage into the world.  You can also consider getting a matching set! Click here to see them all!

10. Model Car


Bring your husband back to his childhood with a creative gift of a model car. This one would be especially fun if you have a son and get him one too so your boys can build together!

11. Beard Oil


As I thought about gifts my husband would appreciate beard oil came to mind.  If your hunny has a beard this would be an awesome way to show him you care about it just as much as he does!

12. Giant Yard Dice


This one could be fun for the whole family.  This could be a gift that will really catch him off guard.  With giant yard dice the games are endless.

13. Handkerchief


This special gift is for those men who like to dress up. Add a little thoughtfulness by getting your initials to give him so he is always carrying around a piece of you!

14. Up by Jawbone


Up would be an incredible gift for men who like to work out and be healthy or anyone who desires to get into better shape. It is a bracelet that is synced to an app that tracks your progress! It runs a little pricey but I heard it is worth it.

15. Prayer Book


It is important to help your husband cultivate his prayer life.  This would be a great way to encourage him to pray.  It has short, one-minute guided prayers going over a wide variety of topics.

16. Gerber Shard Keychain Tool

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 3.37.19 PM

17. Juice pack For iphone


Another gift for the iphone user.  This juice pack is a battery extender and comes in multiple colors.

18. Fire Starter Keychain


I thought this would be a cool gift for men who enjoy being outdoors, especially camping.

19. Colorful Socks


Add a little splash of color to your man’s wardrobe but still encourage being professional by gifting colorful socks.

11. French Press


A french press is a way of making tea or coffee other than a coffee maker or Keurig.  I have had coffee in a french press before and it is amazing!

12. Tie Travel Bag


Help your husband stay neat with this tie travel bag.  It will prevent creases in his ties when he travels.

13. Men’s Wooden Watch


Again, the wood trend has taken over, but check out how awesome this watch is.

14. Electric Conductive Paint Pen


Now this gift would be for a very specific husband, the one’s who work with electrical stuff. This is a one of a kind paint pen used for working with electronics. It seems pretty awesome to me.

15. Book About Meat


Men love meat.  This book is the Bible of meat as it goes through all the different varieties and explains them in depth. If your husband loves meat, orders it at every meal, and would choose steak over cupcakes you need to get him this book!

16. Canvas Backpack


This style of backpack is nice.  It is all canvas and is great for hiking.  If your guy likes to be on the go, this could make an awesome Valentine’s Day gift.

17. Eyeglass Holder


I know this is random, but my husband wears glasses and he always sets them down just anywhere.  I am afraid of them breaking one day.  This gift is definitely unique and incredibly useful.

18. GoPro


This may be the most expensive gift idea on this list, but for some of you it is a must for your husband.  Any guy who does extreme sport recreation would get a kick out of using this portable camera.  It takes pictures and records video in perfect quality.  Check it out for yourself to see if your husband would love this gift for Valentine’s Day.

19. Wooden Toothbrush


What is a trend if it does not include toothbrushes?! That’s right, now you can gift your husband wooden toothbrushes.  How about just grabbing all the wooden gift ideas from this list and giving him a “wooden” theme basket?!

20. Bike Pump KeyChain


When I saw this I thought it would make some guys seriously happy.  If your husband owns a bike, consider getting him this keychain that is a bike pump.  So cool!

21. Gun Coffee Cup


My husband likes guns.  This would be a perfect gift for gun enthusiasts like my man.

22. Bacon Spread


This Valentine’s Day gift is also inspired by my husband who happens to LOVE bacon! Now we can gift our men bacon spread…yum!

23. Joby Gorilla Torch


This little device is a bright light that can be placed just about anywhere.  It stands like a tripod but also wraps around things.

24. iPhone Tripod Keychain


I realize there are just as much keychain gifts as wooden gifts…again, maybe you can grab them all and make a “keychain” basket?! I just found this to be so unique and our husband’s probably don’t even know they exist!

25. Rubberband Machine Gun


I would hesitate to get this gift if you have any concern of becoming the target! 😀 Your husband may appreciate this little gem of a gun, but be sure to provide a box full of empty cans for him to aim at too!

26. Pencil Stylus


If your man is into touch screen technology this could be a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift.  It is a sleek, black stylus.

27. Bluetooth Beanie


My husband does not like beanies, but if yours likes them this would be a cool gift to give him, especially while the cold weather strikes.

28. iPhone Amp Stand


If your husband loves to listen to Pandora or iTunes on his iPhone than this would be a really nice gift to give him.  It amplifies the sound!

29. Beard & Mustache Trimmer


I am pretty sure this is the Valentine’s Day gift I am going to give my husband! His beard is long and sometimes crazy.  This is perfect to catch those fly-aways.

Well there you have it…29 unique Valentine’s Day gifts for your husband.  I hope this list helps you find the perfect gift for your man as you look for a special way to bless him.  Valentine’s Day is a time that we are motivated to lavish our love on our husbands, but sharing gifts can happen all year long! So tuck this list away somewhere memorable and use it for any time you desire to bless your husband.  I hope it helps!

Do you have other unique gift ideas for Valentine’s Day? Please share in the comments below!

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