Do You Trust Your Husband To Take Care Of You?

This past January I took part in the Unveiled Wife study. One of the lessons really stood out to me, and I loved seeing all of the conversation it stirred up among ladies doing the study. The subject was “submitting to your husband.” I completely agree that so often, people equate “submitting” to being walked all over. This comes from a culture that celebrates and promotes being an “alpha female” and engraining into women’s minds that they can lead just as well as men. I am all for women being successful in their careers and workplaces, but I do think there is much to be celebrated about letting your husband lead your family in your home. As Jen discusses in Wife After God, you and

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The Meaning Of Marriage By Timothy Keller – Embracing The Other

Chapter 6 – Embracing The Other This chapter is written by Kathy Keller, TImothy’s wife.  She graciously addresses the often times controversial issue of gender roles in marriage. She begins by stating, “..the differences between men and women will become an unavoidable issue in every marriage.” (170) Every husband and wife enters marriage with some sort of expectation for gender roles, based off how they were raised, other contributing elements in one’s culture such as friends or even television shows, and personal preference. No matter what one’s views are regarding gender roles in marriage, I absolutely agree with Kathy as she points out the truths established in our great design. “In the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. (Genesis

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