Marriage Devotionals For Wives

My purpose for these short marriage devotionals are to encourage wives through God’s Word. Each devotional has God inspired content, based on what God is currently teaching me. His Word is rich in wisdom and comfort and I believe it is important that we are encouraged through scripture, especially about marriage and relationships.

Get The Unveiled Wife Marriage Devotional "Wife After God" Here.I wrote this marriage devotional to walk you through an intense journey of experiencing God, specifically tailored to one of your most important ministry roles--being a wife!

It was the golden hour.  You know it well – that last beautiful hour of golden, buttery light before the sun sets for the night.  We had just witnessed two dear friends become Mr. and Mrs. and the […]

I was really encouraged as I read Psalm 1 the other day.  These few short verses captivated my heart and gave me a beautiful vision of my marriage in the future. Take a moment to read Psalm 1. […]

Tricia Goyer is a beautiful and talented woman. She is a wife, mama of six, grandma of two, and a best selling author.  In addition to writing books and articles on her blog, she hosts an online […]

Having friends is a key component that I believe is necessary for every woman’s livelihood.  Being a part of community has a powerful and positive influence on our lives as we are surrounded by like-minded people who truly […]

I love the verse James 4:8 Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. We must draw near to God!  When we do, He is near! Having an intimate relationship with God is the best […]

A Prelude to the Savior: Four Weeks of Christmas Meditations for You and Your Hubby. Week One: God will Provide a Lamb Week Two: Visions of the Coming King Week Three: Prepare the Way! Week Four: The Lord is with You! […]

A Prelude to the Savior: Four Weeks of Christmas Meditations for You and Your Hubby. Week One: God will Provide a Lamb Week Two: Visions of the Coming King Welcome to week three: Prepare the Way! I hope […]

I’m so excited to have you and your hubby join in on week 2 of this 4 week devotional journey through scripture as we delight in the foretold and anticipated birth of the King! Don’t worry if you […]

One of the greatest ways God healed my marriage from pain, isolation, depression and ultimately divorce was bringing other wives alongside me to encourage me, advise me, love me, and pray for me.  Being a part of a […]

This holiday season, let us see, with fresh eyes, the coming of a Savior, whose imminent birth was foretold centuries before it came to pass and whose life was purposed for securing our salvation through an eternally planned […]

I had been a Christian for five years when I married my Christian husband in late 2004. We had met two years prior while volunteering at our church and he first held my hand when we were on […]

Jesus said, “At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven.” Matthew 22:30 For the first few years of my marriage, this verse obscured my happiness. Its […]

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