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J is a Christian, a wife, a mom, a writer, and a work in progress. She is the author of Sex Savvy: A Lovemaking Guide for Christian Wives and blogs at Hot, Holy & Humorous, where she uses a biblical perspective and a blunt sense of humor to foster Christian sexuality in marriage.

Sexy Game Date Night Ideas

One of the elements often missing from marital bedrooms is a sense of play. While sex in marriage is deeply intimate, it’s also recreational and pleasurable. It’s supposed to make you smile…and maybe even laugh sometimes. So why not introduce that lighthearted mood by planning a sexy game night with your spouse? Choose the game you want to play. There are sexy games appropriate for married Christian couples. Quality online Christian retailers screen games and let you know if there are any questionable portions. Moreover, almost any game you own can be converted into a sexy game. Strip Battleship? Sure! Sink a ship, and your “opponent” removes an item of clothing. Sexy Monopoly? Sure! Land on his property, and you owe him a romantic or

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Healthy Marriages Start with Healthy People

But may the righteous be glad and rejoice before God; may they be happy and joyful. Psalm 68:3 Truth be told, many of us read marriage blogs with the hope of finding that key to a happy, healthy marriage. What can we do differently, better, more intentionally to save our marriage, heal our marriage, strengthen our marriage, or improve our marriage? For a number of years, my own marriage was in the pit – a black hole of frustration and despair. I asked myself Are we going to make it? more often than I care to think about now. Was I neglecting our marriage? Actually, during that time I read marriage books, attended marriage classes, listened to marriage sermons, and even went to couples’ counseling. I wholeheartedly

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3 Ways We Can Support Each Others’ Intimate Lives

While there are many parts to a God-honoring marriage, one important factor is satisfying sexual intimacy that honors Him. So how can the church support and encourage deep physical connection in marriage? How can we wives support each other’s intimate lives? 1. Speak well of godly intimacy. All too often, wives speak ill of sex and the husbands who want it. Too many Christian women dismiss its significance in marriage, mock husbands who desire sex more frequently, mention using sex as a bartering tool (“If he wants sex, he has to clean the garage first”), or clam up about the subject entirely, as if sex itself is such a bad thing, it should not even be mentioned aloud. Let’s change the tone to one of

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‘Twas The Intimate Night Before Christmas

  Almost before you can say “Clement Clark Moore” three times fast, Christmas will be here. But with great respect to this author of the marvelous poem “The Night Before Christmas,” and in honor of your marital intimacy, I’ve adjusted Moore’s words just a little. I encourage you to keep your marriage and your sexual intimacy a priority, even as your schedule can feel crowded and your days short. Keep focused on your relationship with your husband. Keep connected spiritually, emotionally, and physically. And keep your playfulness alive through the busy holiday season. “Twas The Intimate Night Before Christmas” ‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even your spouse. You hung your stockings by the chimney with

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3 Tips For More Intimate Lovemaking

Sex according to God’s design includes great physical pleasure, but also involves your emotions and your soul. You connect deeply and intimately with your husband as you share something unique to your relationship: the sexual joining of your bodies that represents and nurtures your covenant love. But perhaps you and your husband aren’t feeling that deep connection. Here are three quick tips for more intimate lovemaking in your marriage: 1. Explore how you like to be touched. Your body did not come with an instruction manual on your wedding night. Your husband also does not have an innate sense of where and how you like to be touched. While almost all women will like certain things (for example, light stroking of her body), there is

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Don’t allow past sins to mar the sexual intimacy God designed for you to have.

The Other Scriptures About Marital Sex

Writing a Christian sex blog, I’ve become very familiar with the standard passages about marital intimacy, such as Genesis 2:24, Proverbs 5, Song of Solomon, and 1 Corinthians 7. As practical-minded wives, we often want to know What must I do? and then to flip over to the well-worn spots in our Bible that give us the direct answer. “Okay, I’m supposed to have sex with my husband. I’ll add that in here right between grocery shopping and soccer practice. Check.” Yet I’ve come to believe that every scripture that applies to how we treat one another applies to how we treat one another in the marital bedroom. God wants to bless our marriages with deep, bonding physical intimacy, and His Word gives us plenty

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