Unveiled Wife

My name is Jennifer and I began this BLOG to share my journey as a wife to encourage other women in the world who are, have been, or will soon be wives.

Prayer: Resist The Enemy!

Dear Lord, Please help us to resist the enemy! Fill us with strength and endurance to say no to the temptations the enemy tries to trap us with. Open our eyes to see when the enemy is on the prowl and to distinguish when he is deceiving and lying to us. Bring us alongside our spouse and bring our spouse alongside us so that we may encourage each other. May we live with endurance the race You set before us in Jesus’ Name AMEN!

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Prayer: More Than Conquerors

Dear God, Thank You for today! Even if today brings hardships, struggles, trials, temptations, or persecutions. Today is the day that YOU have made and we know and trust You who live in us! You equip us and give us everything we need to endure, fight the good fight in faith so that more people will come to know You! Thank You for giving us such confidence in Romans 8:31 “What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” Lord, I pray for wives today, including myself, that we would walk in God Confidence knowing and trusting in Your Holy scripture, YOU ARE FOR US!  Thank You Lord! We praise You in Jesus’ name

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Prayer: The Plight Of Pornography

Dear Heavenly Father, I lift marriages up to You. I pray especially over husbands and wives who struggle with an addiction to pornography. Lord, I pray that You would reveal to them how dangerous this stronghold is. I pray that You would break the bondage of pornography in marriages in Jesus’ Name! May You give husbands and wives the strength to overcome this temptation. Please send people to encourage them and keep them accountable not to sin. Lord, please reveal Yourself in very personal ways to those people involved in the pornography industry. Turn their hearts to You, O Lord!  Please cover marriages and please help heal marriages that are struggling with this issue in Jesus’ Name AMEN!

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Prayer: Marriages Under Fire

Dear God, I come to You today on my knees, petitioning for protection over marriages. I pray for those couples who feel as though they are being attacked, those who feel as if they were drowning, those who feel trapped, burdened, mistreated, or abused. I lift up those in despair, at the end of their faith, hopeless, and those who feel alone. I pray that You would wrap Your warm, gracious, loving arms around them and comfort the deepest parts of their heart! I pray that reveal Your will to them and enlighten them about their situation. Revive them. Remind them of the hope they have in You. Send people to encourage them and keep them accountable to being obedient to You. I pray for

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Prayer: A Thankful Wife

Dear God, You are so beautiful and so gracious! How wonderful You are to me, how awesome is Your love! Thank You for my life and giving me the opportunity to know You and to be known by You. Thank You for my marriage and all the different seasons my husband and I have endured together. You are always there to give us peace, encouragement, and strength when we need it most. I am sorry that we fight. I am sorry that I have a bad attitude sometimes, leading me to be mean to the man You gave me as a gift.  Sorry for not always appreciating him.  I pray that I can be a better wife, a more loving wife, and a compassionate wife.

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Prayer: Adventures In Marriage

Dear God, Thank You for my husband and for the gift of marriage! Thank You for all the exciting memories that we have made in marriage. I pray that marriage is always an adventure, full of unforgettable experiences, and lessons learned. I pray that You bless our marriage, bless my husband. Please give us opportunities everyday to laugh and be filled with joy. May fun be a motto for our marriage and may enthusiasm for life abound. Lord, we submit to Your will and the plans You have prepared for us. I pray for an extraordinary life in Jesus’ name Amen!!!

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